11 Banjo Craft For Kids

11 Banjo Craft For Kids

11 Banjo Craft For Kids

Are you looking for some fun ways to help your kids explore the world of music? If so, consider giving them a banjo! 

These simple instruments have been around for hundreds of years and are great for beginners. Not only will your little one get to learn how to play their very own musical instrument, but they’ll also be able to create some cool crafts with their new toy during the process! 

So without further ado, here are 11 great banjo crafts for kids.

Banjo Card

A banjo card is a fun little craft that makes a sweet gift. It’s easy to make and can be used in so many different ways!

You can give your friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors these cards. You can also make them with your kids for a fun afternoon activity. 

If you have a musician friend or family member who loves the banjo, this would be an excellent gift for them too!


Banjo Magnet.

An easy craft for kids, this can be presented as a handmade gift or hung up on the fridge as decoration.

Rain Stick. 

This is another simple craft that’s perfect for beginners and younger children who are just learning about music.

ABC Musical Instrument Crafts.

If your child has been learning to play an instrument at school, this could be a great project to show them how they can use their new skills outside of class.

Fall Leaf Crafts for Kids to Make.

This is an easy way of getting kids involved in nature study while also having fun with art! It’s also a great way to increase their attention spans during an otherwise boring lesson.

  • Handprint Turkey Craft Idea for Kids 
  • Fall Craft Ideas 
  • Creative-
  • Kids Club : 

Autumn Time is a perfect time to create handprint crafts using leaves and so much more; here we have shared some amazing handprint turkey ideas which will help you get started with making these awesome crafts yourself!

What Is A Pogo Stick? 

History, Facts & How It Works (+ DIY). A pogo stick consists of two long tubes attached at one end utilizing rubber bands or springs inside each tube which provide propulsion when stepped upon by the rider.

it was named after its inventor Ives McGinnis who patented it in 1948 under patent number US2769553A

Banjo Magnet

This craft is easy to make, and the materials are readily available. You can use any type of paper or cardstock, but I like to use colored heavyweight paper because the banjo magnet looks better when it has a nice texture. 

The size of your paper should be at least 8 1/2″ x 11″. If you have an old license plate hanging around the house (like I do), you can use that instead!


  • Heavyweight paper or cardstock (can be black & white or color)
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Paper fasteners

How To Make It 

Print out our template onto your heavy-weight paper using a laser printer. Cut out the template pieces along all of their outer edges; do not cut on any of our cutting lines within each piece! Punch holes were indicated on both sides of each piece. 

Then attach two pieces with a fastener in order from left to right. Body, Neck & Headstock, Fingerboard Holes (from the top down), Fingerboard Holes (from bottom up), Bridge Holes(from the top down). 

Place one more paper fastener through both holes on either side at the back end so it makes contact with both layers; this will hold everything together while allowing flexibility if desired during the assembly process

Rain Stick

A rain stick is a percussion instrument. 

It’s easy to make and fun to play with, and you can use it in your music or just for fun!

What You Need.

  • two paper plates
  • scissors
  • tape (optional)

ABC Musical Instrument Crafts

One of the most popular kid’s craft ideas is to create an instrument. 

If your little one is interested in music and instruments, this craft will be a great way to encourage their musical interests. This project requires some basic supplies that can be purchased at local stores or online. 

It also needs some creative thinking on your part as you will need to decide what type of instrument would go well with each letter.

Fall Leaf Crafts for Kids to Make

These fall leaf crafts are perfect for any age, from preschool to fourth grade. You’ll find a variety of easy craft ideas and printables that will delight your kids as much as they do you.

You probably have a box of old newspapers lying around in the basement or attic. Why not give them new life with these fun fall leaf crafts? It’s the perfect way for kids to get out their creative juices and use up some leftovers!

Some of these projects require only a few supplies, while others may need an adult assistant (or two). Either way, this list has something to suit every child’s skill level—and it might even inspire you to create something new yourself!

Handprint Turkey Craft Idea for Kids – Fall Craft Ideas

This Handprint Turkey Craft is a simple, inexpensive craft that is perfect for kids of all ages. 

You can use any type of paper to make this craft – construction paper, cardstock, or magazine paper. The handprint turkey craft is also a great way for you to get your kids in the mood for Thanksgiving!

  • Materials Needed.
  • brown and white construction paper in a rectangular shape (or other colors)
  • blue paint or ink pad (or another color)

What Is a Pogo Stick? History, Facts & How It Works (+ DIY)

A pogo stick is a type of spring-based toy that consists of two long shafts connected at the top and bottom with a handlebar. 

When you jump on the pogo stick, it makes you bounce up and down like a pogo ball. The person who invented the pogo stick was George Habsburg in 1927 but his design was never produced commercially. 

In 1948, Larry Mauldin obtained the patent for his improved model which he called the Powerhouse 1 Pogo Stick. It was manufactured by Wham-O toys (now known as Zuru) in Santa Monica, 

California USA until 2005 when production ceased due to safety concerns about children using them unsupervised in public areas such as parks where there may not be enough space for continuous jumping without hitting other people or objects.

How Do You Use A Pogo Stick?

There are two main ways that people use their pogos. either jumping alone or jumping with friends together side by side so they can take turns bouncing on each others’ feet/legs while riding together at once! 

This can make things more fun if your child wants someone else along for some extra excitement but doesn’t want anyone else doing all of their work themselves just yet…and trust me when I say there’ll come a time soon enough when even this will start feeling like too much effort ) 

Also, remember these tips before taking off into town: no running across roads or sidewalks while playing outdoors because this increases risk exposure greatly (especially if there are cars nearby); 

Always wear protective gear such as helmets while riding indoors where there may be furniture around corners etc.; don’t overdo it either physically or mentally—it’s important not to let go of too much control over yourself otherwise the risk of injury could occur too easily which could then lead into further problems later down the road!

History Of The Pogostick

The original idea behind modern-day versions comes from ancient times when people would engage​

Black and White Lighthouse 

This lighthouse art project for kids is a great way to learn about lighthouses and have fun doing it! The free printable template has all the instructions you need to complete this project.

We included this craft in our Lighthouse Coloring Printable Pack, which also includes an ocean scene, fish template, and lighthouse coloring pages!

This craft is perfect for family fun or classroom activities.

  • Family Fun Night (great for rainy days!)
  • Birthday Parties (turn it into a party activity)
  • Classroom Activities

And so much more! We’ve even used this idea on our Black Friday Sale banner last year! You can use it as home decor, gift wrapping paper, or anything else you want!

Buggy and Buddy Craft for Kids

Paper Plate Pinata Craft for Kids with Free Printable Template!. Buggy and Buddy creative art projects to do with kids of all ages. classroom activities, family fun, gift ideas, party crafts, DIYs, and artsy printables!

Let’s start with the template. You can use the printable template provided, or you may want to create your design. I’d recommend making a few different versions and letting your kids decide which one they like best.

Next, we’ll need to make some piñatas! Start by cutting out your paper plate as indicated on the template. Then cut strips from newspaper and glue them onto your plate in alternating colors (white, red & yellow).

Now, all that’s left is filling it up with candy and hanging it up so everyone can have fun together!

11 Banjo Craft For Kids

Banjo craft for kids is an easy craft to make and a great way to learn about music. 

Banjo craft for kids is also a great way to introduce kids to the banjo.

The materials needed for this project include.

  • A sheet of 8 ½ x 11 paper
  • Scissors (or a paper cutter)
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue stick or tape


We hope you’ve enjoyed these 11 banjo crafts for kids. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below!

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