11 Fun Swimming Pool Games

11 Fun Swimming Pool Games?

11 Fun Swimming Pool Games? There are plenty of games to keep everyone entertained when swimming in the pool. Swimming is a great way to stay in shape and have fun, but it can also be a great way to bond with friends and family. 

There are a ton of different swimming pool games that you can play to have a blast.

 Here are 11 of the best swimming pool games to play the next time you’re in the pool:

1. Marco Polo 

Marco Polo – This classic game is a great way to stay cool while getting some exercise.

 For a fun game that the whole family can get involved in, use our Marco Polo Game! The rules are simple: the person who is being “it” closes their eyes, counts to ten, and then calls out “Marco”. 

The other players must try to tag the person who called out by saying “Polo”. 

You only need to listen carefully. The person who guesses correctly wins the round. At the beginning of the game, all players will stand in a circle while one player leaves the room or hall. This person hides and calls out “Marco” or “Polo.” The remaining players must listen closely to their names and try to find out who it was who called them out by following their voices.

2. Sharks and Minnows 

The Sharks and Minnows swimming game is a game where two teams of children try to swim across a pool to the other side. The team that has the most children on the other side at the end of the game wins.

This game is a great way for kids to have fun by themselves or with friends. The shark has a fin that moves and the minnows are weighted so they go underwater and move around when dropped into the water.

Take to the seas with this classic game of Shark and Minnow, a race to eat away at your opponent’s colorful pieces. The first player to completely eat all their opponent’s pieces wins! The game comes with two molds in a variety of fish shapes and colors. Pick your favorite color, mix up the ingredients in one of the two molds, place it in the freezer and wait 4 minutes for your piece to harden enough so it won’t melt when submerged in water.

3. Water Balloon Toss

Water Balloon Toss is a swimming game where players try to catch a water balloon without using their hands. The game can be played with two or more players.

The Water Balloon Toss swimming game is a fun way to cool down on a hot summer day. The water balloon barrels are designed to hold water and make great targets for this fun and interactive game that you can play by yourself or with others. 

The set comes with 12 water balloons, 6 targets, 1 starting line, 1 finish line, and rings.

Take the summer fun to a whole new level with our Water Balloon Toss swimming game! Just fill it up with water and grab some balloons. You can then toss the ball into the target to score points and win the game! It’s easy to play, but hard to beat!

4. Pool Noodle Races

Pool Noodle Races – See who can swim the length of the pool the fastest with a pool noodle. The Pool Noodle Races swimming game is a swimming game in which players race each other using pool noodles.

The game can be played in a pool or a body of water. This super-fun pool noodle racing game is the perfect complement to your swimming pool. Simply place the noodle strips at the start and end of your pool, then sit back and watch the races unfold. 

Kids will love the fast-paced action as they battle to beat their competitors down the pool.

This is an awesome pool noodle race game! You’ll need one plastic ring per pool noodle. Make sure your pool noodles are the same size (you may need to trim some). 

Our 24″ long noodles swam like they were meant to be this way. Divide into teams, then take turns placing rings around the edge of one end of each noodle. As a team, swim your noodles towards the other side of the pool trying to get all your team’s rings over their final mark first. The other team gets a point if you didn’t make it all the way through!

5. Drip, Drip, Splash 

Drip, Drip, Drop – A fun game for younger kids where they try to catch the water droplets falling from the person above them.

The game “Drip, Drip, Splash” is a swimming game in which players try to catch each other using only their hands. The game is played in a pool or other body of water, and the goal is to catch as many people as possible without being caught yourself.

Swimmers will enjoy this game of “Drip, Drip, Splash”. Kids will learn to swim while they have fun. This product allows the game to be adjusted for kids of all abilities by using different types of balls or adding more than one ball at a time into the water. You will also find a wide variety of other uses for this versatile pool toy including bathtime fun!

6. Simon Says 

Simon Says – A classic game that can be played in or out of the pool.

The game “Simon Says” is a swimming game where players must follow the instructions of the person who is “it”. If the player does not follow the instructions, they are out of the game.

The Simon Says swimming Game is a great gift for any occasion. It’s easy to play, it’s fun and it makes family times special. The game requires mental agility and concentration as there is a stop sign that shows the player when to switch functions of the four buttons. The Simon Says swimming Game includes five different categories: Alphabet, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, and Music.

Simon Says is a popular game played by all ages. Players listen to Simon and perform the action he says. The action that he doesn’t say, players must not do it. The first player to complete all actions correctly wins the game! Play it with friends and family and see who can get through all the actions first!

7. What Time Is It, Mr. Shark 

What Time Is It, Mr. Shark, is a swimming game in which players must swim from one end of the pool to the other without being caught by the shark. The shark can be played by anyone willing to be the shark for that round. The game is over when either all of the players have been caught by the shark or all of the players have made it to the other side of the pool.

 What Time Is It, Mr. Shark Game Swimming is a simple swimming game for android phones and tablets. You will be playing as a shark. You need to find and eat fish within the given time limit and also you need to avoid other dangerous things in the water like crabs and turtles. The game has options like every time a shark has to eat the same number of fish and your score may go down if that is not met or there are chances of hitting a crab or turtle in the water which will reduce your available time by 20 secs

 Mr. Shark is the most feared animal in the sea, who also happens to be very interested in telling time. So get ready to take a dip in the ocean as you try your hand at guessing what time it is! Dive underwater and see how long you can hold your breath as Mr. In your way are constantly moving obstacles such as crabs, rocks, and kelp. Mr. Shark has two “teeth” on the side of his body to help him swim, but all you have is a Kickboard, so use that wisely to move up and down or left and right. If you manage to reach Mr. Shark’s clock face without running into anything else while still having air in your lungs… then “THE CLOCK IS READY FOR YOU TO SWING BY!”.

8. Duck, Duck, Goose 

The game Duck, Duck, Goose is a swimming game that is played by two or more people. The object of the game is to swim around a pool or other body of water and to try to touch or grab the other players

The player who can touch or grab the most other players is the winner.

Duck, Duck, Goose swimming  Game is the classic playground game of “dodge” and “flee” that’s been played since the early 1900s. In this updated version of the classic game, children can play with a friend as each person tries to find their way back to home base. This game also reinforces swimming safety skills and encourages water safety awareness for children.

Duck, Duck, Goose is one of the most popular games for small children. The object of the game is for each child to chase and catch another child who is called “it.” As soon as that child tags someone else, he or she then becomes “it” and continues to chase other players around until someone can’t keep up anymore. This is an exciting game of tag with a lot of interaction between the children.

9. Red Light, Green Light 

Red Light, Green Light is a swimming game that is played with two or more people. The object of the game is to swim from one end of the pool to the other without being caught by the person who is “it”.

This swimming game is perfect for families that want to stay active during the warmer months, you can play it on dry land or in the water! The original Red Light, Green Light game is fun for all ages, and the included Swimming Game Cards make it even more entertaining. A great gift idea for swimmers who need something to do between events or laps.

Create a fun and exciting swimming environment while reinforcing safety skills with this Red Light, Green Light swimming game. Play in the pool, or use it on land to teach important basic skills. Bubbles float up through the clear plastic tube and the colored bottles. Players swim under the red light but must stop under the green light.

10. Hot Potato

In the Hot Potato swimming game, players try to keep a beach ball in the air for as long as possible. The ball is passed around the circle of players and whoever is holding the ball when the timer goes off is out. The last player standing is the winner.

This underwater swimming game is a simple and challenging way for kids to get the wiggles out of their system. The Hot Potato Game takes the classic hot potato game and adds an under-the-sea twist! Just like in real life, there are many different paths your ball can take once thrown into the water. If your ball lands near someone else’s color you’ll have to chase theirs while they chase yours!

What’s hot? Well, if you’re new to this game, the answer is the potato! The player on the right starts bypassing the “potato” (and sometimes it gets pretty hot!) to a player on his or her left. When the music stops, whoever has the potato must stand up and do some sort of dance move – if he doesn’t follow directions quickly enough, or does something that makes everyone giggle, he becomes a laughingstock for everyone else at the table and must forfeit his place in line for someone else to take over.

 Play continues until one person is left with the potato – he or she is out of 

11. Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs swimming game is a game in which players swim around in a circle and when the music stops, they must grab afloat and get out of the pool. The last person to get out is the loser.

Enjoy your pool time with a fun and exciting game of the Musical Chairs swimming game. This is a great way to play with family, friends, or relatives. The set includes four inflatable chairs and one floating beach ball.

Musical Chairs swimming game is an indoor water playground that was designed to support the

development of children at each stage of growth and give all family members a fun and happy time together, not only children. Children are all excited at the same time about their interests and desires. The ‘Musical Chairs’ swimming game can improve children’s intellectual abilities such as cognitive thinking ability and fine motor skills.  It can also improve physical fitness.

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