11 Images Of Art And Craft For Kids

11 Images Of Art And Craft For Kids

11 Images Of Art And Craft For Kids

These 11 images of art and craft for kids are a great example of how kids can express themselves through their own art. 

From painting a picture to making a paper lantern, these photos show what it’s like to be a kid who loves to doodle or create things from scratch. 

The best part is that all of these projects are easy enough for adults and older siblings to do with their little ones as well!

1. A Child Painting A Picture.

Painting is one of the most popular ways for children to express themselves. 

It’s a fun and creative way to spend time as well, especially if you get them started on a painting by numbers or watercolors. 

If your child is interested in learning how to use oil paints, this could be a great way for them to learn about the properties different types of paint have and how they interact with each other.

You can find all sorts of kits for kids that will help them express themselves creatively through art. For example.

  • Kids Watercolor Box Kit
  • Projects For Young Artists Set (ages 6-12)
  • Crafty Kids Watercolor Set

2. A Child Making A Paper Airplane.

Children can learn a lot about the world around them and how it works by playing with paper airplanes. 

Kids can design their own airplanes, or they may be able to make one from instructions provided by a parent or teacher. 

This project is great for teaching kids about physics, engineering, and science (depending on how much time you spend talking about the different forces at work).

3. A Child Playing With Play-doh.

Play-Doh is a popular children’s toy that is made of flour, water, and salt. It’s also known as modeling clay. 

Play-Doh can be used to create a wide variety of shapes and objects for kids to play with or create art projects with. 

The ease of use makes it ideal for kids who are just learning how to craft things from their own hands but also appeals to older children who have more experience in crafting activities as well as creating artworks from scratch.

Play-Doh has many advantages over other craft materials because it is non-toxic, easy cleanup, and comes in many colors so you can make whatever color you want your Playdough!

4. A Child Making A Collage.

A child making a collage is one of the best art and craft for kids. The process of creating artwork by sticking pictures and materials together is called collage. 

It is a way of expressing yourself, making your own picture, and using different materials to make it look beautiful.

A few tips to help you have fun with this activity:

Choose your own images from magazines or newspaper advertisements for the background of your collages. 

For example, if you want to draw an image of an astronaut on paper then cut out an article from the magazine which has astronauts in them (or get one from the internet) and paste it onto your canvas/paper as the background so that it looks like they are going into space!

5. A Child Painting A Rock.

A Child Painting a Rock.

This is a simple activity for kids. It can be done with any kind of paint, but acrylic is the best choice because it dries quickly and doesn’t need to be sealed (as opposed to oil or watercolor). Kids can use brushes, sponges, or their fingers. Let them explore their artistic side!

Painting On Glass.

You’ll need windowpane glass and regular house paint in several colors — white works best in this case. Have your child dip their brush into the paint and then apply it onto the glass pane using different strokes depending on what they want their drawing to look like. 

They may want squiggly lines for flowers or straight lines for Greek architecture. What will your little one choose?

6. A Child Making A Sculpture Out Of Clay.

You can also use clay to make sculptures, ornaments, and other art projects. 

Clay is a great way to introduce your child to the world of art and science by allowing them to explore their creativity without having to worry about creating something that looks perfect. Clay is messy, but kids love it!

7. A Child Making A Paper Mask.

A child can make a mask out of almost any material, including tissue paper, cardboard, fabric, or even wood. 

The possibilities are endless and they’re all fun!

You can also use mask templates to make the process easier if you want to skip the measuring part. If your child wants to draw his own design on the mask and make it personal, then go ahead!

8. A Child Making A Paper Hat.

This is a great idea for kids to make their own paper hats. You can use a template or you can draw a circle shape, cut it out and fold it over the edges to create a cone shape. 

The idea here is that you are going to cover the top of the cone with newspaper strips until you have enough layers to form an upside-down funnel at the top of your hat. 

This will help keep all that messy paint inside your hat when it comes time for painting!

9. A Child Painting A Picture Frame.

The image you see above is of a child painting a picture frame. 

The child is using a paintbrush and painting the frame of the said picture frame. The art supplies that are being utilized in this photo include:

  • Paintbrushes
  • Paints

10. A Child Making A Paper Lantern.

There is no better way to light up your child’s room than with a paper lantern. If you are looking for something simple, this one is the best.

You will need:

  • A piece of thin cardboard or thick paper
  • Scissors
  • A pencil or pen (optional)

Cut out a circle from your piece of paper that measures about 12 inches wide and 8 inches tall. 

You can make it smaller or larger depending on how big your room is and how many children will be sleeping in it, but I would recommend keeping it smaller than 14 inches wide since most people don’t have ceilings that high! 

Make sure the cutout is slightly larger than your lampshade so there’s plenty of room for the string to hang down inside once we’re done decorating it later on down below…

11. A Child Making A Paper Snowflake.

A snowflake is a type of ice crystal. They are formed when water vapor freezes and the water molecules bond together in a hexagonal prism shape. 

The most common shape for snowflakes is a six-sided structure, but they can also be eight- or twelve-sided.

There are many different types of art projects you can do with your kids to learn more about snowflakes! These projects range from simple crafts to more complex ones that require some adult help.

Each Of The Images In This List Says A Lot About Kids And Their Art.

Of course, it’s not just about the art itself. The images in this list are also a reflection of how kids see the world and what they want to do with their time. 

Art allows children to express themselves, but it also gives them an outlet for creative expression. 

The images here show something about each child’s personality, whether that’s their energy or how they enjoy spending time with friends and family.


We hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures of kids doing art. If you liked any of the images in this list, be sure to share them with your friends on social media!

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