11 Wolf Craft For Kids

11 Wolf Craft For Kids

11 Wolf Craft For Kids What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a wolf craft for kids? 

They’re not only fun to make, but they’ll keep your little ones entertained for hours. 

If you’re looking for something cute and cuddly then check out our collection of baby wolves! We’ve also got some fierce-looking teenage werewolves who are ready to stalk their prey…

Wolf Cutout Headband

Materials, cardstock paper in your choice of colors (we used red and grey)

  • scissors
  • pencil
  • ruler or measuring tape to help guide you as you cut the ears out (optional)


  • Using a pencil and ruler, measure out the shape for each ear on one piece of cardstock paper. Cut them out carefully with your scissors.

If desired, you can use another piece of paper for the nose and mouth area so that it’s easier to glue down without worrying about getting glue on everything else. Cut out this shape as well (see picture above). 

Glue onto one side of your wolf headband using an adult’s help if necessary! You’re all done!

Wolf Mask With Paper Plate


  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick/glue gun with glue sticks or hot glue sticks
  • Colored markers (if you want your mask to be more colorful)

How to make the mask.

Cut out a paper plate and fold it in half. Then cut out two holes for your eyes like this picture shows. You can also use construction paper instead of a plate if you don’t have one handy!

Fold-down the top part of the mask so that it is inside out, then flip it back up again so that you can see what it will look like on your face when wearing it! It should look something like this photo below now ) Now let’s make some ears!

Coffee Filter Wolf Craft


  • Coffee filters
  • Craft foam (in the shape of a wolf)


Scissors and/or ruler to cut out your coffee filter and craft foam shapes

Wolf Puppet Craft For Kids

For this project, you’ll need

  • A small piece of paper (or cardboard)
  • Scissors
  • Glue and a glue stick
  • Googly eyes or buttons (1 per wolf puppet)

To make the wolf puppet, cut out a circle from the paper and then fold the edges over to form ears. Attach the ears to each side of your face using glue or a glue stick. 

Use googly eyes for your eyes or buttons for pupils if you prefer. You can also add fur by cutting thin strips of brown construction paper and attaching them with more glue or tape

Wolf Puppet Craft 2

Use a paper plate, black paper, and googly eyes to make your wolf puppet.

Cut out the head and body of the wolf puppet.

Cut out two ears and glue them on top of each other to create a triangular shape (this will be how you attach your puppet’s ears to its head).

Cut out a nose, mouth, snout, etc., depending on what kind of snout you want for your puppet’s face (you can also draw this if you prefer). If you’re using googly eyes as we did in our example here then no need for eyelids! But if not just cut 2 little rectangles from black card stock paper for both eyelids then attach them over each eye using tape or glue dots or even staples (if they’re small enough) 

so that there aren’t any sharp bits sticking out which might hurt anyone who touches those parts when playing with their new toy!

Toilet Roll Wolf Puppets


  • 2 toilet paper rolls per wolf puppet
  • Scissors, glue, and tissue paper for decorating your wolf puppet at home or as a classroom craft activity
  • Temporary adhesive – either tape or glue dots (like Post-its) in white, brown, and grey if you have it!

How To Make A Wolf Puppet From Toilet Paper Rolls.

Cut the top off one of the toilet paper rolls so that you have an empty cylinder shape with a flat end at one end and two flaps sticking out from each side on the other end that looks like ears (these will be folded in later). 

Fold those flaps back down towards the rounded edge of your cylinder when you’re done cutting and glue them down gently with some temporary adhesive from above so they stay put while drying; set aside while working on step 2 below!

Paper Plate Wolf Craft

To make a paper plate wolf craft, you will need.

  • A paper plate.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.

To make the wolf craft, follow these steps.

Use the scissors to cut out two ears from the back of a paper plate. The ears should be about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide at their widest point.

Turn over your paper plate so that one side is facing up (the underside). Using glue, stick one pair of ears onto your paper plate where it says “ears” on this page—this will be near where you cut them out earlier! 

You may have to spread apart some of those other pieces so that they don’t block some important parts like eyes or fur later on. (This step might be difficult for younger kids.)

To make sure it stays put while drying overnight, add more glue along all edges where there is an overlap between two pieces that haven’t been stuck together yet (e.g., between ear base edge and face area). This prevents any gaps between parts when cured fully

3D Modelling Clay Wolf Craft For Kids

Material 3D modeling clay, a wolf template, pencil, knife, and piece of paper.

Instructions Roll out the clay into a flat sheet that is around 2mm thick. Use the pencil to trace around your wolf template onto one side of the clay sheet with firm pressure so it doesn’t creep up on you! 

Now cut out your image using a sharp knife or scissors. You can now use another piece of paper as a base for your animal creation by rolling out another layer of clay over the top (this will prevent any air bubbles from forming). 

Wrap this second layer around your animal form like an Egyptian mummy but make sure not to cover up any details! Once finished simply leave to dry overnight or bake in an oven set at 110 degrees Celsius/230 Fahrenheit for 10 minutes until hardens completely (remember not too long otherwise they may crack!).

Printable Paper Bag Wolf Craft For Kids


  • Paper bag
  • Scissors
  • Glue (optional)


Cut the paper bag into a wolf shape. You can use the template below, or make your own! If you’re using the template, cut out each piece separately and then glue them together. Be sure to leave room at the bottom for a mouth and tail. Decorate with markers, crayons, or stickers if you’d like! 

This craft is great for practicing fine motor skills because it requires lots of cutting, gluing, and coloring with small parts.

Styrofoam Cup Wolf Craft For Kids

  • Styrofoam cups are inexpensive and easy to find.
  • They’re lightweight, which makes them easy for kids to hold onto.
  • You can easily cut them with a craft knife or scissors.
  • It’s easy for kids to paint on the smooth surface of the cups. Oil-based paints work best on plastic!

And that’s it! Simple, but effective in creating this fun project with your child or students.

How To Make A Fingerprint Painting Of A Wolf For Kids


  • Fingerprint paint (we used craft glue and food coloring)


  • Spread a thin layer of fingerprint paint over a piece of paper or cardboard.
  • Press your child’s hands on top of the paint, one hand at a time, with their fingers spread out as much as possible so that all the fingers leave an outline in the shape of a wolf paw print.
  • Once you have done this for each hand, put another thin layer over them both so that they blend together well and it looks like there are two wolves’ paws on your piece of paper or cardboard now! It will look really cool if you make sure they overlap slightly too! Display proudly somewhere safe from little hands.

Wolf Craft For Kids 

If you’re looking for a wolf craft for kids then look no further. 

I’ve compiled a list of 11 wolf crafts for kids that are easy to find, fun to make, and great for the whole family. These projects can be used as learning tools or just something fun to do together!

  • wolf puppet paper bag


These wolf crafts for kids are sure to provide hours of fun for your little ones. You can even get in on the action and make one yourself! Then, when you’re ready to try something new, check out our other animal-themed crafts like elephants or cats.

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