7 Fun Kid Activities For the 4th Of July

7 Fun Kid Activities For the 4th Of July

7 Fun Kid Activities For the 4th Of July

Want to teach your children about the meaning of the 4th of July? 

These fun and engaging activities are perfect for kids. They’ll get excited about learning about Independence Day, and have so much fun getting crafty, that they won’t even realize they’re being educated!

Patriotic Breakfast

Thinking of hosting a 4th of July breakfast? Whether you’re planning a big family get-together or just having friends over, 

the following are some great patriotic breakfast ideas.

  • Red and White Food
  • Healthy Food
  • Easy to Make
  • Easy to Clean Up After (or Eat)
  • Easy to Transport From Point A (your house) To Point B (the beach)

4th of July Banner Craft

First, you’ll need to gather your materials. You will need.

  • a roll of red and white vinyl tablecloth fabric (about $8)
  • a roll of blue felt ($2)
  • one yard each of 3/4″ red and white grosgrain ribbon ($3)
  • fabric glue (optional) ($1)

You should also have some stapler on hand if you want to hang the banner somewhere. Next, make all the letters with the blue felt and fabric glue (or sew them together). If using glue, make sure they are completely dry before moving on to step three! 

Then find a spot inside or outside where you will hang up your banner and fold it into thirds so that it fits in place nicely with space left over on either side for hanging later down from there—I recommend making sure there are at least two feet above where kids’ heads might be when looking up at it because these get big quickly! 

Now comes time for assembly which is easy but takes quite a bit of time since there are so many letters involved here: first staple one side of each letter onto its corresponding color stripe(s), then wrap those two ends around their respective sides until reaching an edge where they can meet up again finally, fold under any excess fabric from attaching these pieces together so that only half inch remains visible once everything has been stapled shut again.”

Red, White, and Blue Pudding Cups

What you need.

  • 2 cupcake tins
  • 1 package of instant vanilla pudding mix (3.4 ounces)
  • 4 cups milk (2% or higher)
  • 1 tub of Cool Whip, thawed (optional*)

How to make it.

Prepare your pudding according to the directions on the package, but substitute milk for half-and-half or cream if you have them on hand. Mix until smooth and refrigerate for 30 minutes before serving so that it thickens up! 

This can be made a day ahead if needed. just be sure to cover it tightly in plastic wrap before popping it into the fridge for later consumption (we recommend keeping it in an airtight container).

Cookie Cutter Firework Prints

If you’re looking for an easy, inexpensive way to give your child’s 4th of July celebration a patriotic theme, cookie-cutter fireworks are the perfect project! 

All you will need are a few different sizes of red and blue cookie cutters and some paint.

Once you have your supplies, lay out a paper towel or waxed paper on your kitchen countertop. This is to protect your counter from any possible spills. Then set up an area where your child can work (preferably in front of an open window), place the cookies on their sheet, and mix up two colors of paint into separate cups. Now it’s time for some fun!

  • Instructions: Step-by-Step Instructions

No-Sew American Flag Quilt

If you are looking for a fun activity that is easy and quick to make, you can create a no-sew American flag quilt. 

You can use fabric or buy a kit that includes the fabrics and instructions. This makes a great gift for friends, family members, or even your child’s room. 

You can also choose to make one in patriotic colors if you are wanting something more festive this year – red white and blue!

4th of July Placemat


  • red and white craft foam
  • glue stick or tacky glue (like Mod Podge)
  • a large piece of cardboard or poster board, cut to size (mine was 12 inches wide by 18 inches long)

How to Make It:

Cut two 6-inch long strips from the red craft foam, and two 6-inch long strips from the white craft foam. Glue them together at one end to form a star shape. Let dry completely before moving on to step 2! You can use Mod Podge for this step if you’re worried about any gaps between your pieces not being completely filled with glue.

Now take your star shape and turn it upside down so that the points are sticking up instead of down; this will make it easier for us to work with later on in the project! Then glue your large piece of cardboard or poster board onto one side so that it covers most of its surface area. 

only leave enough room so that you have some empty space around all edges (about 1/4 inch). This will become our placemat’s backing material later on when we finish decorating our American flag printable!

DIY 4th Of July Rockets

Use a balloon, popsicle stick, bottle, and straw to create a DIY 4th of July rocket.

  • Blow up the balloon.
  • Use a piece of tape to secure the balloon to the bottle (in this case we used an empty soda bottle).
  • Use another piece of tape to secure the bottle to the popsicle stick (the part that holds your drink).
  • Lastly, use one more piece of tape and secure it so that it connects everything together in order for your rocket ship to fly into space and beyond!

Your kids will have fun with these patriotic activities!

  • Your kids will have fun with these patriotic activities!
  • They’ll learn about the Fourth of July, America, and its history. And they’ll get a lesson in patriotism that will last a lifetime.
  • The best part? You can do most of these crafts at home!
  • So get ready for some fun-filled days this summer with these wonderful 4th of July crafts for kids!


I hope you found some fun ideas for your 4th of July weekend. Hopefully, you and your kids had a great time celebrating our country’s birthday this year. And if you want more inspiration, check out our post on easy-to-make costumes or other last-minute outfit ideas!

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