11 Easy Flower Craft For Kids

11 Easy Flower Craft For Kids

11 Easy Flower Craft For Kids

When it comes to crafts for kids, flowers are one of the most popular. They’re full of color, texture, and life, and they smell great too! 

But sometimes your little ones may not be able to get their hands on real flowers. If that’s the case, we’ve got some easy alternatives that will produce just as many smiles when they see what you’ve made them!

Cereal Box Flowers

This is a simple and fun craft that will keep you and your child occupied for the afternoon, especially if you love to do crafts together. 

It’s also great because it involves recycling materials from around the house, so it won’t cost you anything extra or take up too much of your time.

First, gather all of your materials: a cereal box, pair of scissors, glue stick, marker (optional), straw (or any other form of small-diameter pipe), paper clip with hook on one end (or any other small piece of wire), pencil (or pen/crayon/etc.), ribbon or piece of fabric.

Newspaper Flowers

The next thing you need is newspapers. To make this craft, first, gather some old newspapers and start cutting them into long strips. 

Once you have enough newspaper strips, you can start making the flowers. You’ll need 8-12 strips for each flower depending on its size (so if your kid wants a big bouquet of flowers, go for longer strips).

Next, hold two pieces of newspaper together and fold them in half with the sides facing outwards so that the fold is at one end of the paper strip. 

Then turn over those two folded ends towards each other until they form a V-shape at either end of the paper strip; secure with tape or glue as required by the child’s age and ability level. 

Continue doing this until all eight/twelve pieces are done! Optional. Cut any excess material off before adding a stem wire if desired/needed ENDWRITE

Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper flowers are a great way to add some color and texture to your home. 

They are easy to make, can be made in any shape or size, and will last for years!

For this project, you will need

  • Tissue Paper (any color)
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Tissue Paper Flower Wreath (Mother’s Day)

A flower wreath is a perfect craft for kids to make for Mother’s Day. 

It can be made out of all different colors of tissue paper, and you can use it to decorate a door, wall, or table. 

This is a great rainy day activity that your kids can do on their own at home.

Cotton Buds Flower Earth Day Craft

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is a day to celebrate the planet, its people and the creatures that inhabit it. It’s also a time to recognize how we can make positive changes in our daily lives that will benefit the environment. You can read more about Earth Day here.

What are cotton buds?

Cotton buds are small rounded sticks made of wood pulp or paper wrapped with cotton or rayon fiber swabs. They’re used for cleaning ears and removing makeup, wax from ears, and other purposes around your house. You can find them at any store that sells beauty supplies like Target or Walmart!

How do I make a flower out of cotton buds? It’s easy! First, take 10-15 cotton buds and cut them so they’re all different lengths (don’t worry if some break apart – this will add texture), then arrange them in any way you want on top of your index card until it looks pretty enough for you ) That’s it! 

You’ve got yourself an adorable creation that looks exactly like a real flower petal but way easier than having to plant seeds!!

Painted and Glitter Flowers

This is a great way to create a flower with lots of color and shine. 

All you need are paints and glitter glue, which can be bought in most craft stores. 

You may also consider using different colored paints or glitter glue to give your flower even more personality!

Handprint Flower Card (Father’s Day)

This is a great Father’s Day craft. Your child can make this card for his or her dad, grandpa, uncle, or any other special man in their life on Father’s Day. 

It’s super easy to make and will be sure to put a smile on the face of any father! All you need is some paper, scissors, and glue.

Here are the steps.

  • Cut out different-sized flowers using your child’s handprint as the base shape
  • Glue them down onto white paper
  • Allow drying

Salt Dough Flowers & Vase

  • Salt Dough
  • Bowl
  • Paint (Optional)
  • Vase for flower stem to go in (Optional)

Button Flowers in Vase

  • Use buttons of different sizes and colors.
  • Fill a vase or jar with water and set it aside.
  • Paint the buttons with acrylic paint using a paintbrush, 

working in sections so as not to get any drips on your work surface or supplies.

Cupcake Liner Flower Bouquet/Wreath

This craft is super easy and fun to do!

You will need

Cupcake liners in different colors. You can use regular-size cupcake liners or mini ones.

Floral wire or pipe cleaners (optional) to make the stems of your flowers.

Q-Tip Flower Art For Kids

This is a great project for kids to do on their own or with a little help from you. If you’ve ever seen anything made with q-tips, then you know that they can look like flowers! 

The best part about this craft is that it doesn’t require any fancy materials or any special skills. All you need are q-tips and paint to create your beautiful flower art piece!

The steps are simple

Use some of the colored q-tips to make your flower petals, stem, and leaves using circles and triangles (the shapes don’t really matter).

Add color using paintbrushes as desired. You can even just use one color if it’s all you have available! It will still look awesome!

Once everything has dried completely (this may take anywhere from an hour up), glue one end of your pencil onto the backside of each “petal” so there’s something for them to sit upon. 

Glue down any other parts such as leaves or stems if needed too – but remember not too much glue because the excess will make things messy later when trying again later without having any problems like what happened here while creating this project which resulted in lots of tears being shed by both parties involved (the artist especially). So be careful )

These Are Easy And Fun Flower Crafts That Kids Can Do Today!

These are easy and fun flower crafts that kids can do today! You don’t need to be a crafty person to create these simple crafts. 

You can do them with materials you already have around the house, and they won’t take much time at all. These crafts are great for rainy days, or when you’re stuck inside during summer break from school. 

They’re also great family projects—you’ll love spending time together while making these!


I hope you found this list of flower crafts for kids helpful. These are all easy and fun ways to make flowers out of things you have around the house (or at least have access to). The best part is that they don’t require any fancy tools or materials!

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