11 Easy Hand Craft For Kids

11 Easy Hand Craft For Kids

11 Easy Hand Craft For Kids

Crafts are a great way to get your kids to have fun, learn new skills, and keep them away from the screens. 

And, who doesn’t love crafts? They’re so fun and beautiful. Here is some easy hand craft for kids that will be perfect for your little ones!

Simple Handprint Pineapples

To make this craft, you will need

  • A paintbrush

Some paint (green and yellow) to make the handprint leaves, fruit, and stem. If you’re using paint for kids, add a bit of water to help with the flow of the brush.

Ice Cream Cone Craft

This is a great craft for younger kids and older kids alike. You’ll need

  • colored construction paper or cardstock
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • popsicle sticks (or other small sticks)
  • ice cream cones (you can buy them at the store) **

What to do. Use colored construction paper or cardstock to make colorful cones. Cut out two pieces of each color you want, then fold each piece in half and glue down the edges where you want it to overlap. Then glue your popsicle sticks onto the inside of one side of the cone shape so that they can hold up your ice cream treats later on! 

After that’s done, make little scoops with another piece of red construction paper by cutting out tiny circles from it and then gluing them onto one side of an existing cone-shaped piece you made earlier. Make sure all sides are glued down securely so nothing will move around when displayed! Show off this fun craft at school parties or get-togethers with friends—they’ll love seeing their delicious frozen desserts made right before their eyes!

Button Art


  • a tray or box (an old shoebox works well)
  • a glue stick
  • a pencil
  • a ruler or tape measurer (optional)


Stack up the buttons however you like. You can make a pattern, color block, or even a smiley face. Try not to make them too tall or they won’t fit in the box!

When done stacking, draw lines down all four sides of each button stack with your pencil so that each stack has its own column and row before gluing it down with your glue stick. Use as many columns and rows as necessary based on how many buttons you’ve used!

Draw lines at least 0.25 inches apart for easier measurement later on when cutting out shapes from your paper template sheet(s). For example, if there are 12 rows on the top row then cut out 12 pieces for a bottom row with the same measurements taken from the top row only difference being thickness since the bottom sheet needs more room than the top sheet due to the thickness difference between paper template sheets which would normally be one millimeter thick vs cardboard which would normally be two centimeters thick; 

hence why measurements should be taken after measuring the height of the finished product using calipers instead of rulers because rulers don’t have enough markings per inch while calipers do (allowing you to take accurate measurements without having to worry about mistakes being made).

Cardboard Tube Owls

You will need one cardboard tube, an old sock, some paper towel rolls or tissue paper tubes, and a hot glue gun.

Cut the tube into three equal pieces. You will now have 4 pieces of the tube left over – 2 long ones that are like wings and 2 shorter ones that are like legs (see photo above).

Cut out the shape of an owl’s body from the sock – this can be free-handed but it is best to make sure your owl has big eyes! Then cut out little circles for eyes and stick them on with some glue (see photo above). 

Next cut out triangles for ears using another piece of sock material or something similar as this makes them more rounded and cute looking! Place these onto your owl’s head by sticking them down with glue as well (see below).

Clothespin Fish

Gather your materials, You will need

  • Colored paper and/or fabric scraps (if you want to paint the clothespin fish)
  • Popsicle sticks, craft sticks, or pipe cleaners (for decorations)
  • Decide how to make your clothespin fish

If you’re using colored paper and/or fabric scraps, cut out two pieces of paper that are as wide as the jaws of a large-size clothespin, but longer than they are tall. You may also choose to paint one or both sides of each piece of paper before attaching them together with tape or glue. 

If you want to use popsicle sticks, craft sticks, or pipe cleaners for decoration, cut those into small pieces first using a craft knife (be sure not to leave any sharp edges!). Attach them around the outside edge(s) of your completed clothespin fish by taping them in place with clear packing tape!

Paper Dinosaur Craft

  • Use paper plates, paint, and crayons to make this dinosaur craft.
  • You can use any colors you like!
  • Glue the paper plate to the back of your dinosaur. This step is optional but it helps keep things together.
  • Insert a toothpick into each eye socket for eyes (optional). It’s easiest if you poke them in after completing Step 5 so that they’re hidden.

Painted Feathers

  • Materials
  • feathers
  • acrylic paint (optional)

How to make it

Choose a color and start painting! You can use any colors, but keep in mind that if you want your feather to be like the picture above, choose one or two main colors that go together. When I made my painted feathers I used 3 different colors of acrylic paint because I wanted mine to look nice and bright. If you don’t have acrylic paint, no worries! You can use regular poster paints instead!

Once you’ve painted all of the feathers with your chosen colors let them dry for at least half an hour before moving on to step 3!

Handprint Turkey Craft

What you need. Tempera paint and paint brushes (if you’re making it with kids)

A turkey handprint template can easily be found online or on Pinterest. This one is from Martha Stewart and has a nice bit of fun turkey-themed clipart to play around with.

How to make it 

Print out the template onto cardstock or heavy paper, so your child’s handprint will be sturdy and won’t smudge easily. 

Show your child how to place their palm face down on top of the paper, then place their fingertips at the bottom edge of the handprint template so they know where all those feathers will go. 

Have them press down firmly for about 30 seconds—they’ll leave an impression in whatever color paint you choose! 

Let them wash up and dry off, then go over their masterpiece again with any other colors they like before adding any details by tracing over lines from templates and other images (like leaves or corn kernels).

 Last but not least, display proudly in front of family members who love turkey crafts!

Leaf Butterfly Crafts


  • Thick sharp scissors or a craft knife
  • A leaf of your choice; this can be any type of leaf, big or small, long-stemmed or short. You can also use dried leaves that have been collected from outside.
  • Colored cardstock paper (optional)


Carefully cut out the shape of your butterfly from the leaf using your scissors or craft knife. Make sure you leave enough material around it to have plenty to work with when making your butterfly craft! 

Fold over one side of each wing and glue it down in place with some glue stick or another adhesive substance like Mod Podge, which works great for this project! 

Once both wings are attached to form one winged insect creature thingy, use some more glue sticks to attach a colorful stripe across its back (if desired). Then add some antennae made from pipe cleaner wire ends painted yellow/orange/red and voila—you’ve got yourself one pretty little kamikaze bug ready for battle against all those other pesky bugs threatening our crops

Glittery Frozen Leaves Activity

Making glittery frozen leaves is a fun activity to do with your children, especially if they are fans of Frozen. It’s also a great activity for older kids who are just learning how to use a glue gun and want to practice their skills.

Glittery Frozen Leaves Materials Needed

  • Glue Gun (or another strong adhesive)
  • Clear Tape (optional)

What To Do.

Start by having your child lay down several sheets of newspaper or butcher paper on the floor where you’re working so that any excess glue can be easily cleaned up or taped off before it dries.

Have your child apply glue to one end of their leaf and place it on top of another sheet of newspaper (with another layer underneath). The idea here is that if the leaf gets too wet while setting, it will have something sturdy under it so that it doesn’t warp or get ruined by excess moisture! 

If this happens anyway (because there was something in the way), no worries! Just move everything over onto another sheet and start again from scratch once everything has dried out again.

Rainbow Caterpillar Craft

A rainbow caterpillar craft is a fun activity for children to make and it’s easy to do! All you will need is construction paper, some markers, and glue.

Start by drawing a picture of a caterpillar on paper, then cut out the head, body, and legs. You can use different colors for each part of the caterpillar if you like or make them all one color. Then, glue them together in order from head to tail (or starting from the bottom up). Now comes the fun part! Let your child choose which color marker they would like to use for each segment of their rainbow caterpillar craft. Once they have finished coloring all parts with markers, let dry overnight before displaying them proudly on your fridge door or bedroom wall!

These Crafts For Kids Are Easy And Fun

These crafts for kids are easy, and fun and will keep them entertained. 

Perfect for parents to do with the kids or even just on their own!

These crafts are great for having on hand when you need something quick and easy to occupy the kids. They store easily too, which is an added bonus!


We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for easy handcrafts for kids. We wanted to create a list that was both fun and simple so that even beginners could try these crafts at home. Whether you have young kids or just want to spend some time with your kids doing something new, these projects are great ways to spend time together while learning new skills!

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