11 Tree Topper Craft For Kids

11 Tree Topper Craft For Kids

With the holidays fast approaching, you might be wondering how to make your holiday tree special. 

If you’re like me, spending hours looking at Pinterest is just not enough to get those creative juices flowing. So why not try making a tree topper? 

It’s a fun craft that can be done as a family activity and will save you some money on store-bought decorations that may not even look good anyway (let’s face it). Here are 11 DIY projects for Christmas tree toppers that are sure to wow your guests.

Crown Tree Topper

What you need. Cardboard box or Styrofoam block (the larger the better)

Scissors and glue (or tape), Brown craft paper for the crown and base of the tree topper. You can also use any other kind of paper if you don’t have any lying around that’s brown in color. If you do have some laying around, make sure it’s not too thick so it doesn’t start curling up when cut into small pieces!

How To Make It,

Cut out a template from your cardboard box or styrofoam block (attached below). This will be used later on after gluing everything together into one piece instead of having 2 separate ones–it makes things easier because then there isn’t any chance for them falling apart during the assembly process later down line!

Glue together two pieces using a hot glue gun while holding onto one end at all times so they don’t fall off while cutting away excess material around the edge with scissors–this should take less than 5 minutes of total time spent working on this project alone!

Unicorn Tree Topper

You will need a unicorn, paint, glitter, glue, and a gold star.

A unicorn tree topper is a fun way to add a bit of magic to your tree.

Starburst Tree Topper


  • Construction paper (white and any color)
  • Glue or tape
  • Scissors


Cut out a large circle from white construction paper, and then divide it into smaller sections using a ruler to create a starburst shape. You can use glue or tape to secure the sections together. 

If you’d like your tree topper to be more sturdy, cut out another circle and glue or tape this one over top of the first layer of paper. This gives you a double layer that won’t tear easily if someone reaches up and grabs it by accident!

Paper Angel

Paper angel is an easy-to-make tree topper craft for kids. This tree topper craft can be made with your kids, friends, or family members. 

You can use this paper angel as a decoration for your Christmas tree or even as a gift for someone you love. A paper angel is perfect for keeping on your desk or table throughout the year as well!

You will need:

  • Paper of different colors and patterns
  • Scissors/cutting tools


Cut out different sizes of folded wings from all your papers. Try making symmetrical wings, such as five inches wide when folded and six inches long when unfolded (that’s just an example). If you want smaller wings, cut them in half first before folding them over so they become four inches wide instead of five inches wide like before. This way you can still keep it proportional if needed too! 

Unfold each wing piece so that there is about a half inch left unsealed at the top edge (this part will later become our seam allowance). Then glue each side together using hot glue gun so that we’re left with one long strip down both sides instead of having two separate ones now – this makes it easier because now we only need one seam allowance instead of two! 

DIY Snowflake Tree Topper


  • glue gun
  • silver or white pom-poms

Start by gathering the materials you’ll need to make your snowflake tree topper. You’ll need a glue gun, silver or white pom-poms (these can be found at any craft store), and scissors to cut them with. If you’re making this craft with kids, it’s also helpful to have some kind of adult supervision so they can learn how to use the glue gun safely and effectively while you cut them out!

Winter Wonderland Snowman Tree Topper

You can make a snowman tree topper by using a styrofoam ball, pipe cleaners, and paint.

First, use the pipe cleaners to create arms, legs, buttons, and a nose on your snowman. When you’re finished connecting his body parts together with the pipe cleaners, paint him white or any other color you want!

Painted Gold Star Tree Topper

You can make a star tree topper that’s uniquely yours. Here are some materials you might use.

  • Paper (white, black, red)
  • Markers or paint (gold paint)
  • Glitter (gold glitter)

DIY Paper Christmas Tree Topper


  • Card stock (or thin cardboard), in any color you want.
  • Glue stick
  • A ruler, pencil, and scissors for cutting out your tree topper shape.


Using the ruler, draw a square with sides that are around 10 inches long on your cardstock.

Cut out the square using your scissors or a craft knife so you have a blank sheet of paper with four sides equal in length and all straight lines of equal length as well.

Fold each of these edges inward until you have a square divided into four triangles (three smaller ones surrounding one larger one).

Unfold it again and carefully glue down each side so they overlap slightly at the corners — this will create ridges that help keep everything together! You could also use tape or other adhesives instead if they’re easier than gluing things together … but whatever works best for your family is what matters most here 🙂

Lighted Glass Ball Ornament Tree Topper


  • 1 large glass ball ornament
  • 1 string of white lights
  • Plastic spool or roll of cardboard (about the same width as your ornament)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wire cutters and wire strippers if you need to buy them at a hardware store

Cutout Star Tree Toppers

Cut out a star shape from cardboard and use it as a template to trace a second-star shape onto the cardboard.

Cut out both stars, then glue them back-to-back with their cut ends touching.

Attach a length of ribbon to each point of the star, then tie it into place at the top of your tree (or wherever you like).

Decorate your tree by painting or gluing glitter over the stars!

Ornaments and Branches Tree Toppers

You’ll need a branch or twig with a hook on the top.

Make sure it’s lightweight enough to hang from your tree’s branches without breaking them.

The easiest way to make these is by gluing pipe cleaners together, but if you want something more complex, try this snowman version instead!

Once you have your branch, use some acrylic paint and puffy paint (both available at craft stores) to decorate it however you like!

Making These Tree Toppers Can Be A Fun Family Activity

Making these tree toppers can be a fun family activity, and it’s even more enjoyable when the kids get to decorate their own. 

What could be more fun than crafting with your children? The best part is that you can make these crafts together whether you have one on hand or not!


Whether you are looking for a simple, no-sew option or something more creative, there are plenty of ideas here to help you make the perfect tree topper for your home. With these 11 DIYs, we hope that you have found something that will fit your needs and budget. Happy crafting!

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