11 Wild Animals Craft For Kids

11 Wild Animals Craft For Kids

11 Wild Animals Craft For Kids

Paper plate crafts are one of the easiest ways to get kids interested in crafting. 

They’re easy, which means even younger kids can make them and you don’t have to worry about a lot of mess. Paper plate animals are also great for teaching kids about shapes, colors, and different animals. 

In this post, we’ll show you 11 super simple paper plate crafts inspired by some of our favorite wild animals!

Elephant Paper Plate Craft

This paper plate craft is a fun way to discover elephants, who are large mammals in the family Elephantidae and the order Proboscidea. 

The elephant is the largest living land animal in the world, with adults weighing between 4,000 and 12,000 pounds (1,818 to 5443 kg).

In addition to being large animals, elephants also have unique skin that makes them look grayish-brown or pink depending on how much light they receive. Their skin has two layers: one thick layer of short hair called an “undercoat”, which keeps them warm; and a second thin top layer of long guard hairs that protect their skin from sunburns.

Elephants’ trunks contain over 40 thousand muscles; this allows them to uproot trees or lift objects such as water buckets weighing 300 pounds (136 kilograms)! They use their trunks for smelling out food sources like underground roots or pineapples hidden under leaves on trees—also known as “uprooting” (pulling up plants) because they smell something tasty underground!

Lion Paper Plate Craft

Cut out a paper plate in the shape of a lion’s head.

Draw on the eyes, nose, and mouth with a pencil or crayon, then color them in with markers or paint.

Glue stick the ears onto either side of the head and glue on any other features you may want to add (a mane for example).

Cut out two small paws from another plastic container lid, poke holes into each one at an angle, and thread ribbons through them to make armbands for your lion toy!

Giraffe Paper Plate Craft

  • Use a paper plate.
  • Use construction paper.
  • Use a glue stick.
  • Use a marker.
  • Use a hole punch (a hole puncher).
  • The stapler is optional, but it’s not needed for this craft project for kids!

Tiger Paper Cup Craft

  • Materials Needed:
  • Paper cup (preferably white)
  • Paint brush and paint, in your choice of colors (we chose orange, blue and brown)
  • Black permanent marker
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Tape
  • Preparation for the Tiger Paper Cup Craft.

Cut out a circle from the paper cup. The size depends on how big you want your tiger to be! We cut ours in half so that it would fit on our tray nicely. You could also just do a quarter or even an eighth of the cup if you’re feeling artsy!

Add stripes with tape by cutting small pieces of tape and placing them along where you want your stripes to go (like we did above). You can make vertical or horizontal stripes depending on which direction looks best with your particular design

Hippo Toilet Roll Craft

First, download the hippo toilet roll craft template from here. Then print it and make sure that the scale is 100%. If not, change it to 100% before cutting it out.

Cut around all the different pieces of paper to make a hippo toilet roll craft for kids or toddlers by tracing around the templates with a pencil or pen onto white paper (you can also print them out on colored paper if you want). You may need to cut it out several times until you get one that fits perfectly inside your toilet rolls!

Glue each piece onto its corresponding part of the toilet roll: eyes, mouth, and nostrils go onto one end; ears go onto another end; tusks go into two ends; trunk goes into either side as shown in the photo above (or cut a piece of pipe cleaner instead).

Zebra Macaroni Pasta Craft

Make a zebra using macaroni pasta.

Color some of your black and white pasta in black and some in white. The amount you use will depend on the size of your plate, tablecloth, napkin, and bowl. 

You want to leave enough space at the bottom so that when you add more noodles on top they won’t cover up the bottom layer completely.

Use a black plate, tablecloth, napkin, and bowl for this project as well as any other colors you want to include such as browns or yellows if you want an elephant!

If you don’t feel like coloring all your noodles individually just throw them all into one big baggie, mix them up then dump them out onto several different plates until it looks good!

Crocodile Paper Plate Craft

  • Paint your paper plate red, yellow and green.
  • Use the paintbrush to paint the crocodile’s body, legs, and tail with red paint. Then use yellow paint to draw on its snout, eye sockets, and teeth.
  • To make the crocodile look more realistic, dip a pipe cleaner into white glue and dip it into your leftover red paint so that it’s covered in both colors (this will create shadows). Now use this wet pipe cleaner to add texture to your croc by running it down his back or over his head!
  • Glue googly eyes onto each side of the paper plate at an angle so they look like they belong there! And don’t forget about those teeth — we wouldn’t want them falling out during playtime!

Gorilla Paper Plate Craft


  • 1 regular size paper plate
  • Black and brown crayons (one each)
  • 2 pieces of construction paper, any color.


Use the black crayon to draw a gorilla face on one side of the plate.

Use the brown crayon to add some details such as eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Make sure you leave some space for an arm when drawing it! We used our hands for reference but you could use anything that works for you such as a ruler or measuring tape if that helps with accuracy!

Cut out two arms from one piece of construction paper using scissors (cut them into strips first). Then cut out teeth from another piece of construction paper roughly 1/3-1/4 inch wide by 1 inch long (again cut these into strips first). 

If needed, use a pencil eraser to remove any extra pencil lead lines left behind after coloring in step 1

Bear Paper Cup Craft

This bear paper cup craft is a great project to do with kids. It’s fun, and it can be used as decoration in your home or classroom. 

Kids will love making this cute bear!


  • Paper cups (one for each child)
  • Construction paper in different colors (1 sheet per cup)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick (or tape will work)

Polar Bear Toilet Roll Craft

To start, you will need to cut out two small circles from white paper and one larger circular shape from brown paper. Then glue them together to form the head of the polar bear.

Next, cut out 2 ears and a nose in black paper and glue them onto your polar bear’s face as shown in the picture above. Then draw on some eyes using crayons or felt tip pens (this works best if you have a little help). You can add whiskers too if you want!

Finally, roll up your toilet roll into an oval shape.

this is what will become your polar bear’s body then stick it on top of your bear’s head/neck area with tape before securing this with more tape around its bottom edge so that it doesn’t fall off when playing with it later on!

Antelope Macaroni Pasta Craft

This fun and easy antelope macaroni pasta craft is a great project for kids who are learning about the animals of Africa. 

Kids will enjoy making this craft as well as eating their finished product!

Materials Needed.

  • 2 cups uncooked elbow macaroni noodles
  • 1/2 cup cooked hamburger meat, browned with onion and green pepper (optional)
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese (or other desired cheese)
  • black olives to taste(optional)

Cook noodles according to package directions. Cool slightly before mixing in with the remaining ingredients. 

Mix all ingredients together until they’re evenly mixed throughout the mixture. Use your hands if necessary since some may have stuck together; you want to make sure it comes out nicely mixed so that each kid gets the same amount of each ingredient! 

Shape into balls about the size of a ping-pong ball or slightly larger if preferred by your child—then flatten them out onto wax paper-lined cookie sheets using another piece of wax paper over the top so that it does not stick together while baking (or even simply put down another plate upside before pressing down on top again). 

You should end up with approximately 8-10 pieces depending on how large you choose them! Leave in refrigerator until ready for use later today or tomorrow morning depending upon how long they were refrigerated beforehand 

Refrigeration helps keep moisture inside while drying out the outer layer which prevents molding once cooked again later on when reheating leftovers after baking the first batch earlier today during class hours )

These Are Great Paper Plate Or Toilet Roll Crafts

You can use toilet rolls and paper plates to make fun crafts for kids. These are easy and cheap crafts to make, but they’re also useful too. 

They let you show off your creativity and imagination, as well as teach your children about the animals involved.

  • Here’s how.

Make a paper plate lion or gorilla by cutting out a rectangle from a paper plate. Add ears at the top of each side of your rectangle by cutting out triangles along their curved edges with scissors, then add eyes and mouths using marker pens or felt-tip pens.

Toilet roll monkeys have a similar design; just replace the ears at the top with an animal tail! You could even draw on some facial features if you want these animals to really stand out in your finished craft!


These crafts are great ways to get your kids interested in animals. They’re easy and inexpensive, so you don’t even have to buy any supplies at all! Just use what you have around the house. We hope these ideas will spark your creativity while still teaching your child something too.

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