11 Wooden Spoon Christmas Crafts Ideas

11 Wooden Spoon Christmas Crafts Ideas

During the holidays, we’re all looking for fun and creative ways to bond with our family—and the simplest projects are often the best. 

11 Wooden Spoon Christmas Crafts Ideas

That’s where wooden spoon crafts come in! These easy-to-craft ornaments and decorations are perfect for kids of all ages. With just a few simple supplies, you can create an array of festive holiday friends with nothing more than a few wooden spoons, some paint, and a bit of creativity!

Christmas Tree Wooden Spoon Ornament

Instructions. First, determine the size of your spoon. There are two ways to do this Measure the length and width of the spoon head (not including the handle). If your measurements fall between 12 and 14 inches, go with a medium ornament; 15-16 inches is large. 

If you have a small ornament, use a small spoon; if it’s medium or large, use medium or large spoons respectively. The weight of your ornament will also help you determine what size spoon to choose—if it’s heavy enough that you’re worried about breaking off too much wood when drilling into it for wiring purposes, go with a larger/heavier wooden object as opposed to trying to drill through thin materials like cardboard or paper mache which might break under pressure from high torque tools like electric drills and screwdrivers!

Measure how wide each part of the spoon is (i.e., not including where they connect) using calipers or simply measuring tape wrapped around each side while holding them against another piece so they don’t move away from one another when being measured! The top part should be less than 2″ wide because otherwise there won’t be enough room left over at either end after cutting out shapes using scissors later on in steps 6 & 7 below.”

Sledding Penguins

Using a wooden spoon, you can make a penguin sledding down the snowy hills.

First, cover the wooden spoon with cotton balls to create a penguin’s body. Glue pom-poms on top of the cotton ball to make a beak, then use pipe cleaners for arms and legs. Stick felt feet onto the bottom of your sledding penguin for ultimate cuteness!

Santa Claus

To make Santa Claus, you will need

  • Wooden spoon
  • Paint (black, red and white)
  • Felt (red and white)
  • Scissors

Firstly, paint your wooden spoon black. This is the easiest part! If you’re not sure how to paint a wooden spoon, read our DIY Painting Wood tutorial or watch this video on how to do it. When your spoon is dry, cut out two circles of felt for his eyes and two small rectangles for his eyebrows. 

Tie together two strands of yarn with knots at even intervals along each strand then glue them on either side of his nose so they stick out upwards like whiskers; cut off any excess yarn that hangs down over the side of Santa’s face as this looks messy when painted later on. 

Cut out two smaller circles from red felt for his cheeks/mouth area (try not to make them too big or Santa won’t have room for cookies!) then glue these onto both sides above where his mouth should be when he smiles. Lastly, make some straight lines across each cheek using a ruler if needed – these should look like dimples but without making them too deep otherwise, the child playing with him might find them hard to press down properly when trying their hardest not just keep smiling at all times)

Gingerbread Christmas Decoration

You can use a wooden spoon to make gingerbread for men, women, children, and families. To make the gingerbread man.

  • Get a wooden spoon and some brown paint (or use natural wood stain).
  • Paint the entire spoon with two coats of brown paint or apply wood stain if you want it to look more natural in color. Let it dry completely before moving on to the next step.
  • Use an old T-shirt or fabric scrap as your stencil and trace out shapes for arms, legs, head, and body on the bottom end of your wooden spoon using a permanent marker! Don’t forget about his face too!

4-5 Once traced onto the stenciled area of your spoon using a permanent marker fill in those spaces with white acrylic craft paint; Then let dry completely before moving on to the next steps so that all colors are dry

Reindeer Ornament

  • Paint the antlers red and white. Spray paint works better than acrylic paint, but if you don’t have access to it, that’s okay!
  • Paint the nose and mouth with a brush.
  • Use a brush to paint on the eyes.
  • Now use a brush to paint on the scarf around his neck (or where he’s wearing it).

Snowman Ornament

One way to create a wooden spoon Christmas craft is to make a snowman ornament. This craft has the added benefit of being great for kids since it’s relatively quick and easy. 

You can make one using just a small piece of yarn and your wooden spoon—no glue required!

  • Take a small piece of yarn and tie it around the top handle of your wooden spoon, creating an adult-sized scarf for your snowman.
  • Tie another small piece of yarn around the bottom handle for his hat.

Winter Wonderland Scene

  • Use a variety of colors.
  • Use a variety of sizes.
  • Use a variety of textures.
  • Use a variety of shapes, from simple to ornate and complex.
  • Add dimension by using layers or adding texture to the wood (for example, with an electric sander or sandpaper).

There are no rules when it comes to creating the perfect wooden spoon Christmas craft! The most important thing is to have fun!

Wooden Spoon Angel

You will need

  • A large wooden spoon
  • A small wooden spoon
  • Paint of your choice (a couple of colors is better than just one)
  • Cardboard or a scrap piece of wood to use as a palette or background

Snowman Candy Dispenser

A snowman candy dispenser is a fun Christmas craft you can make with your kids. This craft is easy to do, and the supplies are inexpensive. You need

  • Cardboard
  • Colored paper (white)
  • Glue stick or hot glue gun (for attaching pieces of cardboard)

Christmas Tree Ornament

Use a real tree or a fake one. You can cut the trunk to make a tree stump and add the ornaments and lights from there, or you can use a real tree and then use a saw to cut the trunk to make a tree stump.

Use either wood glue or hot glue (or both) to attach all of your decorations as needed before hanging it up with some string/wire/etc., depending on what kind of piece you’re making!

Rudolph The Rednose Reindeer Ornament

  • Use a red paint pen to draw Rudolph’s nose.
  • Use a red glitter glue pen to add sparkle.
  • Draw the eyes and mouth with a black paint pen.

People Of all Ages Will Enjoy Making These Wooden Spoon Crafts.

Wooden spoon crafts are a great way to get your kids involved in the holiday season. They can be made by children, teens, and adults alike. They’re easy to make, inexpensive, and fun! Plus, wooden spoons are readily available at most craft stores so you don’t have to buy anything special for these projects—except maybe a few new paint colors or some glittery gems if you want to add some pizzazz.

Even though these crafts can be made by anyone with basic crafting skills, they still add festive touches around the house that make it feel magical during this time of year!


We hope you enjoyed this list of wooden spoon Christmas crafts ideas! These crafts are great for kids and adults alike and can help you get into the holiday spirit. Looking for more Christmas crafting ideas? Check out our list of 25 DIY Snowman Crafts You’ll Love This Winter or try your hand at making this DIY Glitter Beach Ornament! Happy crafting!

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