7 Craft Activities For Babies 1 To 2 Years

7 Craft Activities For Babies 1 To 2 Years

7 Craft Activities For Babies 1 To 2 Years

Hey! You’re a parent, or maybe you’re an aunt or uncle, and you’ve got to entertain a toddler. We parents know it’s a tough job: we can’t just put on the TV. 

We have to go old school, engage their minds and creativity, and help them use their little hands to fine-tune those muscles they’ll need when they start writing in just a few short years. 

If you find yourself looking for ideas that are fun but not too complicated, then these activities are for you:

Alphabet Blocks

Alphabet blocks are a great way to teach your child the alphabet. 

Make sure they are durable, colorful, and interesting so that your child is engaged with them. If they are too small or too big, they will not be as fun for your baby to play with. 

Also, make sure that they aren’t too heavy for them to handle.

Foam Bath Letters

The next craft activity for babies is a fun one. The best thing about this craft is that it’s simple, easy, and can be done with or without the help of your child’s friends.

You will need bath foam letters, cookie sheets, and plastic bags (optional). If you have a small kitchen space or no extra room in your house then this craft idea may not work for you! But if you do have some extra space available then bathroom time can become even more fun by turning it into art time as well!

Take all of your bath foam letters out of their packaging and put them on a cookie sheet. I recommend using a cookie sheet so that they don’t get lost or damaged when they are drying once they’re finished being painted. 

You could also use any kind of tray to dry them off but I prefer using something with more depth because it gives me more room to work with when applying paint to each individual letter.

Egg Carton Flowers

Cut the egg carton into four pieces. Take one of the pieces, then cut off all but two flaps to make a flower petal shape.

Repeat with the other three egg carton pieces to make a total of four petals.

Cut a small triangle from each end of another piece of your egg carton and tape it together as seen in photo 2. This will be used to create your center for your flower later on so make sure it’s big enough!

Decorate your center by drawing on it or covering it with stickers (photo 3). You can even use glitter glue if you want to get really fancy 🙂

To create stems for each flower: Tape two toothpicks together using just enough tape so they are held tightly together but aren’t too heavy or thick when you add them into your craft project later on (photo 4).

Paper Tube Animals

Choose a piece of brown paper that is about 10 inches long.

Cut the paper into three equal parts lengthwise, then cut each section in half again. You should have eight pieces of paper by this point.

Fold one of the longest pieces in half, and then fold it up again so that you are left with two layers of paper. This will be your animal’s head and body.

Cut two small rectangles from another piece of brown paper for the ears (you can use any color), and glue them on top of your folded piece as shown above. You can also draw eyes if you like!

Water Paint

Place a large plastic tub filled with water on the floor.

Add a few drops of food coloring to the water and stir well. Use more colors if you’d like!

Use a sponge to spread the paint around in pretty patterns, or dip your hands into it for some messy fun!

If you’re feeling creative, paint on paper using brushes or sponges!

Finger Painting

Use finger paints. You can buy them in a set, or you can make your own by mixing watercolor paints with cornstarch and food coloring (this will also make it easier for the baby to hold). 

If you want to get fancy, you can use natural materials like flour or oatmeal instead of cornstarch, which has its own benefits for children who are prone to allergies.

Use paper as a painting medium if your child isn’t yet using utensils properly—the messiness is part of the fun! You’ll need lots of paper towels on hand, though; 

this activity is pretty messy! Just keep some wipes nearby so that your little one doesn’t get paint all over his face or clothes when he gets up from his workstation after each session with paintbrushes and sponges in hand.”

Popsicles are fun!

Popsicles are fun! Why? Because they’re frozen and delicious. And did you know that they can also be used as craft supplies? Yep, it’s true! 

The shape and texture of popsicle sticks make them perfect for creating a fun craft with your baby. Here are some ideas:

Let your child choose a bunch of different colors of popsicle sticks (or paint them) and then use them to decorate an image on paper or cardboard. Talk about the colors and patterns that she selected, and encourage her to count each stick as she adds it to her craft project.

Get creative with the end result by suggesting variations on this theme like painting the bottom half of one side of each stick green while leaving the top half white; painting all four sides black except for one small section which is red; etcetera.

Try these easy fun activities to keep your baby entertained and busy

The Crafty Scientist Makes a Baby’s Science Journal

When your baby is between the ages of one and two, he or she will be getting into the stage where he or she wants to experiment with things. 

This craft activity is an easy way to get your little one started on an exciting life of scientific discovery!

Step 1, Buy some blank journals from a bookstore (be sure to choose ones that don’t have any glitter in them).

Step 2, Decide which experiments you want your child to try out. These can include anything from dropping water onto paper towels to see what happens when they get wet or seeing whether different materials float on water. Encourage him or her by telling them how clever they are!


Now that you have some ideas for activities, fun is waiting for you and your little one! Don’t forget to get creative and make these projects your own. Have fun!

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