New Year's Craft For Kids

New Year’s Craft For Kids

New Year’s Craft For Kids

Looking for a fun at-home activity to do with the kids on New Year’s Eve? 

Look no further! It’s time to put your glue guns to good use and make these very wearable—and reusable—party hats.

Reusable Party Hat


  • a piece of cardboard, about the size of a pizza box lid
  • scissors, or a craft knife and cutting mat (adult only!)
  • glue (hot glue would be quick and easy, but any craft glue should do)


  • Cut out a circle from your cardboard; it should be big enough to cover the wearer’s head comfortably, but not so big that it falls off easily.
  • Use your scissors or craft knife to cut out one triangle for each side of the hat (you can fold over your cardboard first if this helps). 

Make sure each triangle is larger than half your circle. if you want it to fit snugly onto their head without falling off easily, make them slightly smaller than half their circumference instead! The edges of these pieces should also be rounder than what we’ve seen so far—draw circles on paper first if this is confusing!

Paint Stir Sticks

Paint stir sticks are a simple craft that will give you hours of fun. All you need is some paint, a brush, and some stir sticks from the dollar store.

Paint the Stir Sticks Paint them using different colors of your choice or multiple colors for an even more colorful effect! 

They’re also great for any party or get-together because they can be used as decorations on their own or added to other craft projects like making paper flowers out of them!

Glue Gun

You can buy a glue gun at the store and it will come with instructions on how to use it. 

A glue gun is a tool that can be used to glue things together. Glue guns are hot and can burn you, so use them with care!

Glue guns are also great for gluing paper onto fabric or other materials like wood and metal. If you have kids who like arts and crafts, consider making them their own glue gun out of recycled materials such as an empty toilet paper roll, an old plastic bottle, and some aluminum foil (for safety reasons).


Scissors are a useful tool for cutting materials. They can be used to cut paper, fabric and yarn from your craft supplies. 

If you’re cutting something thick like fabric or cardboard, you may need to hold the material down with one hand while cutting it with scissors held in your other hand.

When using scissors, remember to keep them sharp so they will cut better. Your child’s teacher should show him how to sharpen his own pair of school-issued scissors using an emery board or sandpaper (so they don’t hurt him).

 Also, make sure there are no loose pieces sticking out of his school-issued pair before he uses them!

Stickers, Glitter, Pompoms, And Other Embellishments

You can decorate the hats with stickers and glitter. 

Glitter is a fun way to decorate a hat, especially for kids. Glitter is also a great way to make the hats more festive, colorful, or eye-catching.

If you want to use stickers on your hat, put some glue on the back of each sticker and place it where you want it on your hat. Let dry overnight before wearing them!

Fun Making Their Own Party

Who doesn’t love a good party hat? Your children will have fun making their own party hats for New Year’s Eve! 

They can decorate them with stickers, glitter, pompoms, and other embellishments. You can wear the hats at your New Year’s Eve party or use them as party favors. They will also make great decorations for your home throughout the year. If you have any leftover materials from your crafts or if you just want to recycle materials from other projects (like wrapping paper), you can use those too!


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial! For more craft ideas, check out our Pinterest page.

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