11 Anchor Craft For Kids

11 Anchor Craft For Kids

We all know that learning to swim is important for kids. But, why should you only spend time with your little one in the water? 

There are lots of fun ways for them to learn about being safe at sea just by spending some time crafting. So, if you’re looking for a craft project that will help your child learn about safety at sea and how to swim, these adorable anchor crafts are perfect for kids! 

11 Anchor Craft For Kids

They’ll keep them busy for hours while learning important lessons about staying afloat and not letting go!

Paper Plate Anchor

Paper plate anchors are great because they can be decorated in any way you like. You can use markers, paint, stickers, or whatever else you want! 

If your kids are into drawing or painting then this is the perfect craft for them. You can also write their name on it and hang it up for decoration. This project could even be used as a centerpiece for a child’s birthday party!

Another fun idea would be to use your paper plate anchor lampshade to make an ocean-themed nightlight that will light up any room of the house and provide some much-needed comfort while they sleep at night.

Handprint Anchor

All you need is a piece of paper, some handprints, and a few crayons.

First, let your child paint their hand with the crayon to get it nice and colorful. Then press their hand onto the paper, leaving an imprint behind. If you’re feeling ambitious, try making more than one print so you can make an anchor that looks like it has many hands holding it down!

When both hands have been pressed onto the paper (or just one if you’re doing this as a family project), have your children color around the outside edge of their handprint with black crayons or markers to make it look like shadowing around their anchor. 

You can also add other details like eyes or even seaweed growing around your anchor craft for kids!

Toilet Paper Roll Anchor Craft For Kids

To make an anchor, you will need.

  • toilet paper roll or cardboard tube (or any other tube that is about the same size)
  • yarn in two colors (the anchor should be reversible, so one color for the top and bottom of the anchor)
  • glue gun or tape

Mosaic Anchor

You will need.

  • 3 or 4 anchor shapes cut from construction paper
  • 1 piece of cardboard, about 12 x 12 inches (30.5 x 30.5 cm)
  • Scissors and glue or tape


Take your anchor shapes and draw a line across each one at the midpoint to create two equal halves. Cut halfway through along the lines you’ve drawn, taking care not to cut all the way through so that both pieces remain attached by an edge on either side of where you’ve made your cut. 

Your anchors should look like they’re going in opposite directions now! Roll out some newspaper or old wrapping paper on a flat surface, then use this as a mat underneath your paper anchor pieces when you glue them down to make sure they don’t stick together while drying!

Printable Anchor

Making a printable anchor is fun and easy, but you’ll need:

  • A printer
  • Some paper (the heavier the better)
  • An iron-on fabric transfer pen, or any other inkjet printer that can print onto fabric (look for “iron on” pens in office supply stores)

Yarn-Wrapped Anchor Kid’s Craft

You will need.

  • Yarn
  • Glue Gun or Hot Glue

This craft is so simple it’s perfect for kids of all ages. If you have some yarn and a glue gun or hot glue, you can make this project in no time! 

Rock Anchor Craft For Kids

You will need.

  • A piece of driftwood or a large stone (to use as an anchor)
  • Paint (your choice of colors)
  • Acrylic paint brushes (to apply the paint)
  • A sheet of white paper (to create your anchor art on)

This rock anchor craft for kids would be perfect to display during the summer months, as it is easy and inexpensive. More importantly, it is super fun to make!

Salt Dough & Acrylic Paint

Salt dough is a great medium for kids to experiment with. It’s easy to make, and kids love seeing their creations turn into something they can hold. 

To make salt dough, you’ll need.

  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • 2 tablespoons oil or cooking spray (optional)

Combine everything in a large bowl and mix until well combined. If using oil or cooking spray, stir in at this stage too. Turn out onto wax paper or a non-stick surface and knead until smooth (about 5 minutes). Wrap in plastic wrap and let sit overnight at room temperature; then make your anchor!

Tie Dye Yarn Art

You will need.

  • yarn (any kind you like, but nice and thick works best)
  • rubber bands or string to tie the yarn together.
  • water in a bowl. You can also use vinegar if you want it to be more interesting!

Colored Pencil Anchors

Use a white pencil to make the anchor or outline of your anchor.

Choose a colored pencil that you want to use for your anchor (red, blue, green), and make sure it’s sharpened!

Color around where you made your white outline with the colored pencils you chose until it is completely covered in color (make sure not to cover up any of your white outlines).

If you want another color besides red, blue, and green then go ahead and add one more color by coloring around where there was no colored pencil previously placed on top of this layer of extra colors so that everything looks like an actual anchor!

Popsicle Stick Anchors With Feathers


  • Popsicle sticks (at least 2 per anchor)
  • Feathers (2 or 3 per anchor, depending on size)
  • Glue (for attaching feathers to popsicle sticks)

To make the anchor.

Cut two pieces of popsicle stick approximately 1 inch long and 1/4 inch wide. Glue one piece to the back of one feather. Repeat with another piece of the popsicle stick and another feather, so that you have two glued feathers on either side of a wooden dowel about 6 inches long; this is your sailboat’s mast!

Glue several more pieces of popsicle stick next to each other at an angle across your first mast piece, as shown in the picture above—this will be your ship’s deck! 

Now add some more “deck” until it covers most of the first mast section; this will help protect against waves while sailing at sea! Finally, glue on any extra details such as flags or anchors if desired (see below).

These Fun Anchor Crafts For Kids Are Sure To Be A Hit With Your Little Ones

Anchors are one of the best crafts for kids. They’re easy to make, inexpensive, and fun for kids. 

Anchor craft ideas include.

  • Paper towel roll boats
  • Sandpaper boats
  • Sewing machine sailboats

These anchor crafts for kids can be used as decorations for a room or playroom, but they also make great gifts that your child can give as well!


With all of these fun anchor crafts for kids, you’re sure to find something that your little one will love. From simple paper plate anchors to more complex mosaic ones, there is something for everyone! And don’t forget about the handprint craft—this is a great way to show off how m

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