11 Watch Craft For Kids

11 Watch Craft For Kids

11 Watch Craft For Kids If you’re looking for an interesting way to spend your day, then making a watch craft for kids is the perfect activity. 

It won’t take too long and the final result will be something that will amaze everyone who sees it. You can use anything from paper plates to toilet roll tubes in order to create these fun watches that are going to make people smile when they see them. 

Here are 11 Watch Crafts For Kids.

Useless Watch

To make a Useless Watch, you will need

  • A watch with hands and numbers on it. You can use any type of watch, but they must have hands and numbers because we will be cutting them up to make the useless part of our Useless Watch!
  • Some paperclips. You can use any color, but I recommend using green ones because they look like little leaves!
  • Scissors (optional). If you don’t have scissors at home then don’t worry about getting some; I always get mine from the dollar store next door to my house! It’s a great place for finding all sorts of things like toys and food items too since everything costs just one dollar there.”

Paper Plate Watch

You will need

  • A paper plate
  • Paint and paintbrush
  • Scissors or cutting tool of choice (such as a box cutter)
  • Glue or tape (optional)

A paper plate watch is a watch that is made out of paper. The paper is usually recycled and is then made into a watch. The watch is usually waterproof and is very lightweight.

Cotton Bud Watch

You will need:

  • A cotton bud
  • A watch face
  • A pencil
  • A pen
  • Ruler


7- Watch strap (This can be made in different sizes, depending on your wrist size). A cotton bud watch is a type of watch that uses cotton buds as the watch hands. The idea is that the cotton buds will absorb any sweat or moisture that gets on the watch, keeping the watch clean and dry. Cotton bud watches are often used by people who have allergies or sensitivities to metals, as they do not contain any metal parts.

Spool Watch

You’ll need a spool, paperclip, needle, thread, and glue.

  • Materials
  • Instructions

Remove the top of the spool to create a hole large enough to fit your watch face through (using scissors) and then secure the watch face using hot glue or superglue.

Thread your needle with some thread and sew around one side of the paper clip twice by making two loops at different lengths around it before tying a knot at each end so that it can’t come loose!

Button Clock

You will need.

  • A button (the size of your choice)
  • Some string or yarn, about 6 inches long

A piece of cardboard, about 4 inches by 6 inches. You can use an old cereal box or just cut one out of some stiff paper materials. 

I’d recommend using cardstock if you have it on hand as it makes for a more durable final product.

If you don’t have any crafting tools available, try asking around at school or at the local library if they have any supplies available for crafts like these! It may also be possible to find items that you need for these projects in thrift stores or second-hand stores as well!

Toilet Roll Watch

Here’s a great project for your child to make a watch out of toilet rolls. The list of materials you need is.

  • Toilet roll
  • Glue (wood glue, white glue, and super glue work best)
  • Paper (construction paper or newspaper works best)
  • Pen and pencil (optional for tracing the watch face template)
  • Scissors (for cutting out the design)

You can also use paint if you want to decorate your final product!

Popsicle Stick Watch

  • Cut out a Popsicle stick.
  • Glue the watch face to it.
  • Wrap the Popsicle stick with plastic wrap and secure it with glue (use a glue gun or a regular old-school glue stick, we won’t tell anyone).
  • Paint and glitter away!

Fork Watch

This is a really simple craft and can be made with just a fork and some paper clips. You can use the watch to tell time, or you can make it into a bracelet by playing around with different ideas.

Materials. fork, paper clip, glue

How to make.

Glue the two ends of the paper clip together so that they are connected at one end and then put some glue on one side of your fork’s tines. 

Place this side against the paper clip and hold it there for several seconds until it dries in place; repeat this process for both sides of your fork (this will create a “watchband” for your watch). 

Now cut off any excess from your fork’s tines so that they’re even with each other again; if you’d like extra security when wearing this watch around town (as I did), then add another piece of tape or glue around each time where yours touches theirs!

Plastic Spoon Watch

You will need a small plastic spoon, a hot glue gun, and an old watch with a strap that can be removed.

Take the watch apart by removing all of its parts, including the face and back cover (if applicable).

Position the spoon so that it is securely attached to one side of the watch face by allowing it to rest on top or under one of your fingers (see picture for reference).

Apply hot glue around where you have positioned your spoon so that it does not move once put back into place on your wrist; if necessary use another drop of glue at each corner when done applying the initial layer because some may have run off during the first application process but still hold together well enough for time being until final touches take place later on down the road in steps 5-7 below

Pasta Watch

Use a pasta machine to make the watch strap. Put your leather through the widest part of your pasta machine, and then cut it into a strip of leather that will fit comfortably around your wrist.

Use a pasta cutter to make the watch face. Cut out 2 circles from cardboard or another material that can be used as stencils, then trace them onto some sort of thick paper (preferably something like tracing paper). 

Cut this out and use it as an outline for cutting out the circular pieces needed for the watch face with either wood or metal clamps if you have them available in order to keep everything stable while cutting; otherwise, just use whatever else works! 

You may want to practice on some scrap materials first until you get used to this process before making anything permanent since it can be tricky at first if you’re not familiar with using these types of tools yet!

Use a pasta machine again for making tiny crowns for decoration purposes only–they won’t be functional so don’t worry about how well they’ll actually work once attached! 

There are many different ways these could look depending on what style suits best each child’s personality/interests such as having more colorful designs than plain ones; however, keep in mind not everyone likes wearing bright colors either so keep those options open too.

Ribbon Watch


  • ribbon of your choice (I used a red and white gingham print)
  • watch face with a second hand (you can find these at any craft store)
  • glue gun

Watch Craft For Kids

Make a watch out of some old cardboard, paint, and string.

Give your watch a face with this easy craft idea from Instructables user christy1634. Use some craft foam or felt to create the face of your watch! If you want it to be even easier, print off an image of a clock face in black and white that looks like what you want on your wristwatch and glue it onto some cardboard—then just cut out the shape with scissors!

This recycled DIY is perfect for making children’s watches—it involves simply cutting out shapes with scissors (or another sharp object) and gluing them together! Try using paper bag pulp instead of construction paper so that kids have fun with different textures like crinkly plastic or smooth fabric while they make their own unique timepieces.”

watch craft for preschoolers OR watch craft

Crafts involving watches can be a fun and engaging activity for preschoolers. Here are a few watch craft ideas suitable for young children:

  1. Paper Plate Watch: Cut out a circle from a paper plate and have the children decorate it with markers or crayons. Attach a strip of colored paper or yarn as the watch band, and add numbers or decorative elements to make it resemble a watch.
  2. Foam Watch Bracelet: Provide foam sheets in various colors and shapes. Help the children cut out watch-shaped pieces and punch a hole at one end. Thread a piece of elastic or yarn through the hole to create a watch bracelet. They can decorate the foam pieces with stickers, glitter, or markers.
  3. Cardboard Watch: Cut out a watch shape from cardboard or cardstock. Let the children paint or color the watch and add a strap made from ribbon or fabric. They can further personalize it by gluing on sequins, buttons, or other craft materials.
  4. Paper Watch Bands: Give the children pre-cut strips of paper or cardstock and encourage them to decorate them with their favorite colors, patterns, or drawings. Once decorated, they can fasten the strips around their wrists like watch bands.
  5. Play Dough Watch Faces: Provide the children with small balls of different colored play dough. They can flatten the play dough balls and shape them into watch faces. Encourage them to use their fingers or small objects to create numbers, patterns, or designs on the watch faces.

These watch craft ideas for preschoolers allow them to explore their creativity while developing fine motor skills. Remember to provide age-appropriate materials and supervise the craft activity to ensure safety.


The 11 watch crafts we have listed above should give you some great ideas on how to make watches at home. The best part is that they are all easy to make, so anyone can do it! As always, keep experimenting with your own designs and create something unique.

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