11 Aquarium Craft For Kids

11 Aquarium Craft For Kids

11 Aquarium Craft For Kids?If you have kids, chances are you’ve already started to get the aquarium bug. But even if you don’t have an actual aquarium.

There are plenty of easy ways to bring a bit of the ocean home with these 11 simple craft projects. From paper plate fish to mason jar aquariums, these ideas will inspire any child (or adult) who wants to take part in this aquatic hobby. and they’ll make your home feel just like an undersea paradise!

Mason Jar Aquarium

You will need.

  • A mason jar
  • A small fish tank (we chose a 2-gallon one)
  • Small fish (we used a betta)

Small fish tank filter and heater (make sure that your heater is not too small for the size of your jar)

Jellyfish Craft

Jellyfish are beautiful sea creatures that drift in the ocean. 

What a jellyfish is

They are very delicate and translucent, which makes them hard to see unless they’re moving. They have tentacles that can sting humans if they get too close to the jellyfish’s body.

How to make your jellyfish craft

To make this craft you need plastic cups or clear containers, tissue paper in various colors, Mod Podge (or other glue), scissors, yarn for hanging, and ribbon for attaching it to a window (optional). 

First, you will start by cutting out pieces of tissue paper that are about 2 inches square for each cup/container you plan on using for your project. Then using Mod Podge or another type of glue stick the tissue paper on one side of each cup/container until it covers most of its surface area then let dry overnight before flipping over onto another piece of white card stock paper with more mod podge added so it creates a sort of like a shell effect on top once finished drying again! 

Now repeat as many times as needed depending on how big you want these little guys looking back at you every day when waking up early morning sunshine coming through our windows while drinking coffee together mommy dad kids everybody!

You don’t need any tools besides scissors unless someone has trouble cutting things then maybe grab some wire cutters but otherwise just use those free hands! 

We used sharpies instead anyways because we were running low on ink cartridges & couldn’t afford another pack right now so….yeah….they weren’t very colorful but still worked great anyway!!

Paper Plate Fish

Tissue Paper

  • Glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Marker or Pencil.
  • Modeling Clay (optional).
  • Pipe Cleaners (optional).
  • Googly Eyes(Optional).

Craft Paint or Art Supplies for Painting the Fish or Creating Design on plate; Paintbrushes, Toothpicks for dabbing paint, etc.

Under the Sea Sweatshirt


  • 1 hooded sweatshirt, any color
  • scissors
  • paint (optional)

How to Make It

Cut the top of your sweatshirt off, leaving about 1 inch around the neckline. If you want to personalize it further, use permanent markers or fabric paints to write your kids’ names on their shirts. 

You could even make words like “ocean” or “undersea” down one side of the sleeve for a fun effect! If you don’t have time for all that, no worries—you can still have an adorable underseas hoodie! 

Just leave it blank and let them discover their names later on in life when they’re old enough not to care anymore about what’s written on their clothes (my mom still does this sometimes).

Glitter Jar

Glitter jars are a fun way to make a centerpiece or gift. Kids can get creative with the glitter jar and use it as an art project. 

They can even decorate their rooms with glitter jars, which is a great way to make a gift for their friends!

Glitter Jar: Materials Needed:

  • Glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks (optional)
  • Bottle, vase or another container you want to fill with glitter flakes

Mirror Aquarium

In order to create a mirror aquarium, you will need to use a clear glass bowl and hot glue. You’ll also need a fish tank filter to aerate the water, as well as a small pump that circulates it. 

Finally, you’ll want to use a small fish tank heater in order to keep your mirror aquarium warm enough for your plants and fish.

In order for this craft project to be successful, make sure you have everything on hand before making it so that nothing gets left out or forgotten about halfway through!

Rock Fish


  • paper plate (or you can use foam and cut it into the shape of a paper plate)
  • paint – black, white, blue, and red (or you can use markers to make this craft easier for your child)


First, draw a face on the front part of your rockfish using white paint or marker. Then, using blue paint or marker make two round eyes and give them a pupil in each eye with red paint or marker. You can also add small yellow spots on its head if you want! 

Now let’s decorate our little underwater creature! Start by drawing some fins at the backside of our plate/rockfish so we have something to attach it to later on with some glue gun or tacky glue (depending not just on what materials you’re using but also how strong they are). 

Next, take some black acrylic paint and put dots all over your rockfish until it looks like a deep ocean floor covered with barnacles or something else really cool looking.

Paper Bag Fish Puppet

For this craft, you’ll need.

  • Paper bag
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Markers (if you want to color the fish)You can use any type of paper bag for this project, but grocery bags work best if they’re not too thin or flimsy. After cutting out your fish shape from the paper bag, draw a mouth on it with markers. 

Then glue or staple craft foam onto either side to make fins and tail pieces. Cut pipe cleaners into three equal lengths and twist them into circular shapes that will wrap around each fin end when secured with hot glue. 

Attach googly eyes on top of each circle and stick one end through the back center of your puppet’s head. Then bend down both tails at an angle so they meet at an anchor point inside your puppet’s belly area—this will keep them in place once you’re ready for playtime!

Rainbow Fish Suncatcher

Bring a little bit of the ocean home with this easy-to-make rainbow fish suncatcher. 

It’s great for kids, who can use it as decoration or as a party favor or activity.

You will need.

  • clear glass jar
  • black paint
  • gold paint (optional)
  • Paint the glass jar black, then let dry.

Draw fish scales on one side of the jar using a piece of paper and pencil; place it under your hand so you can see what you are drawing while you work. 

If needed, shift where they start/end on their bodies so they don’t all look like they have mismatched fins! Your rainbow fish should look something like this:

Clay Pot Fish Bowls

If you’re looking for an easy way to make a fish bowl, you have several options. You can use it.

  • A clay pot
  • A plastic container
  • A glass container (like the ones in which we used to buy milk)
  • A metal container (like what people use for cooking)
  • Wooden containers like small boxes or bowls that are made from wood.

You might also think about using Paper containers (think cereal boxes).   

Cardboard containers (think cereal box). For most of these materials, it’s just important that whatever container you choose should not contain any sharp edges or corners. If your child is old enough and responsible enough, then he/she can make this aquarium craft for themselves!

Goldfish Crackers and Juice Drink

Goldfish crackers are an essential part of any aquarium craft project. 

You can buy them in bulk at the grocery store, or you can make them yourself (it’s not as hard as it sounds!).

Juice drinks are another must-have for your aquarium craft project. The bigger the box, the better! If you’re concerned about costs, just keep in mind that juice is a healthy snack for kids—and who doesn’t love goldfish crackers?

These Kids Craft Will Help You Bring A Small Part Of The Ocean Home

Aquariums are a great way for kids to learn about the ocean, sea life, and conservation. They also give them an opportunity to be creative while they learn. 

If you want your child to enjoy this project while also learning more about the environment, you should consider making one of these aquarium crafts that will help bring a small part of the ocean home.

Your child will learn how important it is to recycle by creating an artificial coral reef habitat in an old fish bowl.

This project incorporates science with art as well as biology because it allows them to create their own terrariums out of water bottles and natural materials like rocks or sand from outside.

This is a fun craft that teaches children about different types of sea creatures through painting and gluing onto foam boards which can then be hung up at home!


These crafts are a great way to bring the ocean home and give your kids a hands-on experience with marine life. The best part is that most of these crafts can be made with materials you already have around your house. So go ahead, get creative and have fun!

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