11 Ski Craft For Kids

11 Ski Craft For Kids

Ski season is almost here and we’ve got some great ski craft projects for kids. 

These crafts are fun, easy to make, and will get your family in the mood for skiing!

Ski Wreath

Though a wreath is typically a circular shape, the items you use to make your ski wreath can be any shape. For example, if you are using real skis to make your ski craft for a kids’ project (which would be awesome), 

Then you may want to choose something different than what we’ve shown.

If this is your first time making crafts for children, we recommend using construction paper and glue instead of hot glue which could burn little fingers. 

This craft is great for both girls and boys because it allows them to explore their creative side while also learning about winter sports that are popular during the cold months when there isn’t much else going on outside!

Paper Plate Skiing Girl

Gather your supplies. To make a paper plate girl, you’ll need.

  • A paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Paint (You can use watercolors or acrylic paint.)
  • Glue (Elmer’s glue works well.)
  • Googly eyes (You can buy these at any craft store or grocery store.)

Cut out an oval shape that has the same height as the width of your paper plate. The length will depend on how long you want her legs and arms to be, but a good starting point is about 2/3 of the way down from the top edge of your plate. 

This will give you enough room for everything else! Draw in some facial features on this piece with crayons or markers if desired; we used two dots for eyes and large smiley mouth shapes with two teeth each on both sides of our figure’s face [Note: If using watercolors instead of acrylics like us then skip ahead step here].

Snowman On Skis Mobile Craft


  • Small Styrofoam balls (about 1 inch) for the head, body, and arms
  • Small Styrofoam balls (about 1/2 inch) for the legs
  • Scissors


This mobile craft is perfect for any winter-themed event! It features a snowman on skis, with a carrot nose and coal eyes. The snowman is holding a sign that reads “Let it, Snow!”

Snowflake Ornaments

To make snowflake ornaments, you’ll need.

  • A piece of paper
  • Pencil (or pen)
  • Scissors (if using a pencil)

You’ll also need to know how to cut out your pattern. If you’re using a pencil, I recommend cutting the shavings off into 1/4″ pieces until you get a nice little pile of little slivers. 

Then use scissors to cut out your pattern—this is easier than trying to draw it freehand and risk ruining the whole project with one stray line! 

Once this is done, fold up your paper around the edge so that there’s an even border on all sides; then glue down each end so that they stick together well when dry. Finally, simply grab some glitter glue and add some sparkle!

Kid’s Ski Mask Mittens (4-8 years)


  • 1 pair of mittens
  • 1 pair of ski goggles
  • 1 pair of ski goggles straps (you can use an old one, or buy a new one)
  • 1 ski goggles strap clip (you can use an old one, or buy a new one)
  • 1 ski goggle strap hook (you can use an old one, or buy a new one)

Winter Printable Coloring Page for Kids

Use a coloring page to help your child relax.

  • Coloring is a great way to keep your child entertained.
  • Coloring can help your child develop motor skills.
  • Coloring can also help expand their imagination, which will allow them to learn more about the world around them and how it works.

This winter-themed printable is perfect for preschoolers, who love learning about winter sports and having fun in the snow! 

Print this out on cardstock paper so it will last longer, then have fun with your little one as they explore all of these activities with you!

Winter Greeting Card

Cut the top off your greeting card, making sure it has a fold in the middle.

  • Fold both sides of the card into the center fold.
  • Cut out a snowman shape from one side of your folded and cut-out card.
  • Glue this onto another piece of paper or cardboard to make a snowman that you can use for decoration!

Winter Penguin Coloring Page For Kids!

  • Print The Winter Penguin Coloring Page For Kids!
  • Coloring Pages For Kids To Color Online.
  • Winter Penguin Coloring Page For Kids Printable.
  • Winter Penguin Coloring Page For Kids Free Printable.

Winter Word Search Puzzle Printable For Kids

How to Make a Word Search Puzzle.

Use the template above to create your word search puzzle. You can use either pencil or pen, but make sure you use a different color than what I used (teal). It doesn’t matter how big you make your grid—the finished product will be rough 10″ x 10″ when printed on standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper, so feel free to make it smaller if you want a shorter puzzle! 

If you have any students in your life who are really good at drawing, they may enjoy using this template as inspiration for their own winter-themed pictures (e.g., skis, snowmen).

After creating all of your letters and words on the grid, print it out! You can use whatever printer works best for you—just make sure it’s not too small or too large for the size of paper that works best for this particular activity (8 ½ x 11). 

When printing from Microsoft Word, click File, Print, and select “Print current page only” from the dropdown menu next to Document Name

Adult And Kids Snow Shoes Craft

Snowshoes are a type of footwear used for walking on snow. They have been in use for centuries by people who live or work in snowy areas, as well as by people who enjoy walking in the snow.

The main purpose of a snowshoe is to provide support and propulsion while walking on snow. Snowshoes help distribute weight evenly across the surface area of the shoe, thus reducing pressure points that would otherwise result from placing all your weight on one small part of your foot. 

This prevents you from sinking into deep drifts, where it would be difficult to pull yourself back out again!

Snowshoes also allow you to stay warm: because your body heat cannot escape through your feet as easily when there is more material covering them, you will feel warmer overall during a hike outdoors (especially if you’re doing something active like hiking up hills). 

It’s important that these don’t get too hot though – remember this just takes care of keeping warm while still outside; once worn inside again then yes we need something else…

Winter Crafts for preschoolers, toddlers, teens, and adults

Snowflake Clothespin Ornaments – Kid Crafts – Melted Bead Ornaments – Christmas Ornament Crafts – Toilet Paper Roll Crafts – Winter Crafts for preschoolers, toddlers, teens, and adults


  • clothespins or paper clips
  • beads or buttons if you want to make them into snowflakes. You could also use sequins, stickers or anything else that looks festive. If you’d like a larger ornament (like a button) then it might be better to glue it to some cardboard so that it doesn’t fall off easily.
  • toilet paper roll(s) (1 per craft)
  • pine cone(s) (1 per craft)
  • pine tree branch(es). These are optional but will look nice hanging on your tree!


1. Poke holes in the side of each toilet paper tube using an awl or sharp object such as a pencil eraser end. 

2. (Optional) Cut small slits around the top edge of each tube—this will make it easier for kids’ fingers when they’re trying to put their hands inside later on during this craft activity! 

3. (Optional) If desired/needed add decorative details such as glittery spots here too for extra pizzazz! 

4.(Optional) Fold over any excess cut-off pieces from step two; these should act as little tabs which can help hold onto decorations later down line too!”

Make Some Of These Great Crafts To Get In The Mood For Sking

We’re celebrating winter with these easy-to-make crafts that your kids will love.

  • Use a toilet paper roll to make a snowflake.
  • Use a paper plate and paint to make a skiing girl.
  • Use a paper plate and paint to make a snowman on skis (or skates).

Make some fun mobile decoration using craft sticks, yarn, and plastic spoons – we’ve got the instructions right here! Make an ornament for the tree…or for someone special in your life!

ski craft preschool

Ski Craft Preschool” is likely a ski-themed preschool program or activity that combines skiing lessons with crafts and other educational activities.

The focus may be on teaching young children the basics of skiing while also engaging them in creative and educational activities that develop their overall skills and abilities.


We hope you enjoyed this list of ski craft ideas. They can be used to decorate your room or even given as gifts. If you want more information on how to do them please em

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