13 Mummy Craft For Kids

13 Mummy Craft For Kids

Looking for a fun and easy mummy craft for kids? This one is sure to be a hit! Simply gather up some white craft paper, scissors, and a black sharpie. 

13 Mummy Craft For Kids

Then let your little ones go to town creating their own mummies. 

They can wrap the paper around themselves or a friend, and then use the sharpie to draw on some spooky mummy features.

Mummy Head A quick and easy craft to make.

You will need.

  • A toilet roll
  • Paint (red, black, and white)
  • Googly eyes

You can also use tissue paper for the bandages or you can use a headband for the mummy head. You can also use a long strip of paper for the bandages.

Toilet Roll Mummy One for the toddlers as it can get a little messy!

Toilet roll mummy one is for the toddlers as it can get a little messy!

  • Cut 2 toilet rolls in half, and then color or paint them as you wish. You can also add googly eyes if you like.
  • Glue the ends together with a craft knife, glue gun, or hot glue gun (if your child is old enough). If using an ordinary glue stick, make sure that you apply it to both sides of the paper first before sticking them together.

Pasta Skeleton The Messier The Better 

This is a fun craft to do with the kids and always a winner. 

The messier the better with this one! You can even get them to make their own pasta shapes by using cookie cutters or just folding an old piece of paper in half and drawing out their own design.

Make different colored portions of pasta, then choose some sauces and toppings (I used spaghetti bolognese sauce and chopped red pepper) to create your skeleton.

Mummy Fridge Magnets

Simply upcycle your old jam jar lids and create these cute fridge magnets.

  • You will need
  • Old jam jar lids
  • Paint
  • Googly eyes and any other embellishments you want to add
  • How to make them:
  • Paint the lids with a base coat of white paint. Leave to dry. Then use a permanent marker to draw on the mummy’s face, hair, and clothes. Finally, glue on googly eyes and any other embellishments you want to add.
  • How to use them: Store all your pens and pencils in this little ghostie that is perfect for back-to-school stationery! Or pop one into your lunch box for an afternoon snack (if mummy doesn’t mind). They also make great presents if you have some spare time before Christmas

 Door Hanger Craft

Mummy Door Hanger Craft Not only is this a fun craft to make it’s also super useful if you have any trick or treaters dropping by or just to ward off any unwanted visitors.

In this craft, you’ll use a cardboard box. You can either buy one at the store or use an empty box from something you already have at home. Once you have your blank canvas ready to be decorated, it’s time to get started!

Paint the box black using acrylic paint and let it dry completely.

Hang the mummy door hanger on a door by attaching rope or string to each side of it and going through holes in the top corners (or anywhere else if that’s easier).

Use small pieces of cardboard for arms, legs, eyes, and mouth (you can even cut out some teeth!). Write “Trick” or “Treat” with a sharpie pen on your sign board – mummies love candy too!

Paper Plate Mummies

We love this simple craft. A paper plate and some googly eyes are all you need for this craft!

We love this simple craft. A paper plate and some googly eyes are all you need for this craft!


Paper plate

Googly eyes (you can use any kind of googly eyes)

Paint – we used black, brown, white and grey paint but you can use any colors you like!

Paintbrush – size depends on the size of your plate

Glue – we used clear glue because we wanted to see what was going on inside our mummy’s head! You can also use colored glue if you want to make it look like brains or something else cool! 

If using colored glue then use a paintbrush with the tip cut off so that when applying the glue it will still have some bristles on it so that when drawing lines with your brush/pencil/etc. 

as shown below they will be able to stick better onto whatever surface they’re being applied to…

Great Recycling Craft

Plastic Bottle Mummy is Another great recycling craft that is super easy to do. All you need is an empty plastic bottle, paint, and googly eyes. So simple!

All you need is an empty plastic bottle, paint, and googly eyes. So simple!

What you need. An empty plastic bottle (like a 2-litre soda bottle), some scraps of fabric or paper, paint, and googly eyes.

How to make it: Cut the bottom off your plastic bottle so it has a flat base. Roll your fabric/paper tightly around the middle of your bottle. Hold it in place with tape until it dries completely. Meanwhile, paint over all other parts of your mummy with black acrylic or poster paint (paint thinner works too). 

Once dry, add white details using whatever mediums you want—I like using liquid latex for this because I think it lasts longer than acrylic paints do when used on mummies that are going to be handled often by kids but I’ve also used acrylics when making them for myself and my friends who aren’t children yet either so there are lots of options here! 

If possible try adding some fake blood too since this adds another layer of realism which makes everything look even more realistic and can also help make things seem scarier too!

The idea using a recycled paper towel 

DIY Paper Towel Tube Mummies This is such a clever idea using recycled paper towel tubes. They make a really cool gift too, so perfect if they have friends around on Halloween.

You will need.

  • Paper towel tubes (any kind will do)
  • Paint in various colors to match the wrapping paper you have or your child’s favorite color
  • Paintbrush, glue, and googly eyes to finish off.
  • Ribbon, string, or yarn for hanging up the mummy once it has dried.

Mummy Craft 

Fingerprint Mummy An easy but really effective mummy craft using all of your fingerprints! This would make an awesome card too!

  • Using a paintbrush, apply the paint to one side of your paper.
  • Let it dry for about 10 minutes before adding more layers.
  • Once you’ve applied all of the layers, let it dry completely before adding details!

Paper Plate Mummy Treat Boxes 

If you’re hosting a Halloween party then these cute mummy treat boxes will be perfect for the table setting. The little ones will love making these too.

It’s easy to make these treat boxes. All you need is a paper plate, googly eyes, toothpicks, and some craft supplies.

When it comes to the mummy craft for kids you can use any paper plate that you have handy. Just make sure the plates are clean and dry before crafting with them.

The first step in making your own treat box is to cut out a mouth on one side of your plate using scissors or an X-acto knife (if you are old enough). If you want to add some fun decorations for this Halloween party activity then now would be a great time to glue some googly eyes, antlers, or horns onto your plate as well!

Next, attach two teeth from a plastic straw onto each side of the mouth that has been cut out from your paper plate so that they stick out towards each other slightly like real teeth do when someone smiles at another person or before eating something delicious like candy corn! You can also use toothpicks if they are easier for little hands to handle during this mummy craft project because sometimes adults forget how much fun crafts can be with children who love creating things with their imagination!


Overall, the thirteen mummy crafts for kids is a great way to keep your kids entertained while also teaching them about different cultures. By completing these crafts, your kids will not only have a blast, but they will also learn about the history and have a new appreciation for different cultures.

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