11 Drawing And Crafts For Kids

11 Drawing And Crafts For Kids

11 Drawing And Crafts For Kids

When your kids get bored and you don’t have much money to entertain them, it’s always good to keep some drawing supplies handy. 

You can find some great art activities online or from books that will let your kids be creative. And what better way for them to spend their free time than making something beautiful with their own hands?

Grass Field With A Rainbow

Use a pencil to draw the rainbow and use your imagination to create grass field with trees.

Use a crayon or marker to color in the rainbow.

Paint with a paintbrush, roller, or spray paint. Be sure not to get any on your clothes or skin!

Yummy Mummy

Let’s start with the basics. What is a mummy?

A mummy is someone who has been buried in bandages and then dug up hundreds of years later by archaeologists. 

They are often used for scientific research, but Mummies can also be used as teachers or babysitters! Okay, let’s move on to their favorite things:

  • Favorite food – chocolate (they love it)
  • Favorite color – red (because that’s what they’re wrapped in)
  • Favorite animal – cats (because mummies love them)
  • Sport – baseball (it was popular at the time)
  • . TV show – Golden Girls

Basket Of Flowers

Draw a basket of flowers.

  • Draw a basket in a variety of colors.
  • Draw different kinds of flowers and make sure not all the flowers are the same color (for example, draw red roses, yellow sunflowers, purple lilacs).
  • Make sure that the size of each flower is different too!

Puppy Face In The Grass

  • Use a piece of paper
  • Use a pencil
  • Use a ruler
  • Use a compass (optional)
  • Use a protractor (optional)

Everything is Awesome!

To draw a LEGO man, start by sketching a circle for the head. Then, use a marker to draw two dots and one line where you want the eyes to be (just above these dots). 

Use another marker to add some curves and lines for noses and mouths. Draw ears on each side of the head with yet another marker! Finally, use your last marker to draw hair on top of everything else you’ve already done!

Now that we have our LEGO man’s eyes, nose, and mouth was drawn in, let’s continue by putting arms on his body. To do this correctly we need an art piece from your set firstly then secondly it needs to be cut up into sections according to the length required by drawing lines straight through from the wrist section upwards towards the shoulder section then downwards again until reaching the bottom edges of both sides making sure not cut too far down or else when finished attaching back together may not fit properly – repeat process using same method but this time cutting off only half width as shown here:

Dragonfly and Flowers

Start with a flower vase

  • Draw the stem of the flower vase
  • Then draw the petals of the flower on top of each other and make them overlap each other (you can use this website for reference)
  • Then draw a leaf next to it using triangles as guides for where to make your lines in order for it to look like a leaf (you can also use this website as a reference)
  • Now draw some leaves on top of your petals and stems, but don’t forget that they needn’t be symmetrical! Just sketch them freely until you’re satisfied with how they look!

A House for Hermit Crab

Hermit crabs are crustaceans that have a soft exoskeleton. That means they’re soft on the inside and hard on the outside. 

They need to protect themselves, so they use their shells to do it! Hermit crabs also have gills for breathing underwater, but if you put your finger in the water with them, you can see them breathe through their mouth parts.

Hermit crabs eat anything from veggies to meat or fish! They usually choose a small snail shell as their home because it’s easy for them to move into another shell if someone tries to take over their home. It’s important not to give them too many shells since this means there will be more competition for food when there aren’t enough shells available for everyone!

The best thing about having hermit crabs around is their fun; they’re always up for playing games like tag or hide-and-seek (or shell-hunting). If your house has lots of nooks and crannies where shells can hide while they sleep at night – perfect! Just make sure these areas aren’t too hot so that everyone stays safe during nap time )

Paper Plate Fish

Draw a paper plate to look like the shape of a fish. You can draw this freehand or use a template if you’d like.

  • Cut out the paper plate so it becomes a fish shape.
  • Add details to your fish with markers and crayons, such as eyes, fins, scales, and more!

Decorate your fish by cutting tissue paper into small squares and then gluing them onto each side of the paper plate “body” of your paper plate fish (try using different colors for different sections). 

This is also a fun way to use up scraps from other projects! You can also make stripes on top by folding down pieces of tape across the top edge and gluing them in place when dry or simply painting stripes directly onto your craft project before adding any decorations at all!

Bat Mobile

To make the bat’s head, use a lollipop stick.

Use two straws to make the wings.

Cut a paper towel tube into four equal pieces, and then slip each piece onto the end of an uncooked spaghetti noodle. This will be used to form the body of your batmobile. You can secure it with tape if you want!

Use paper clips as antennae for your Batmobile!

Angry Birds Pig Mask

  • Using a paper plate, draw and cut out the pig face.
  • Cut out the eyes and nose.
  • Glue your pig mask on to a piece of construction paper and use markers to draw angry bird faces on top of it!

Kids Are Creative And This Helps Them Get Started.

A child’s imagination is wonderful, but sometimes it can be difficult to encourage it in your children. 

This is why arts and crafts are such a good way to get kids to be more creative. Your children will have fun creating their own art while learning the basics of drawing and painting along the way!


It’s fun to create something that you can display and show off. Use these ideas as inspiration for your own creations or start a collection

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