11 Robot Craft For Kids

11 Robot Craft For Kids

11 Robot Craft For Kids Robot Craft For Kids is an educational book that teaches kids how to build and program robots. 

It includes step-by-step instructions and illustrations to help kids understand the concepts. The book also includes projects and activities to help kids learn how to apply the concepts they’ve learned.

DIY Robot Costume

A robot costume is an easy, fun way to dress up with your kids! 

You can make one out of a box and some cardboard, or you can make one out of a t-shirt and some pants. 

Either way, it’s a great opportunity for kids to explore the creative side of robotics!

Robots on a Roll

This is a great craft for kids because it can be done with very little adult help. You will need.

  • Construction paper and/or cardstock
  • Scissors, glue and tape (optional)

To make the robot body: cut out two large rectangles from construction paper or cardstock. Then cut out two smaller rectangles from another color of construction paper to glue onto both sides of the larger rectangle so that there are stripes on all four sides. For wheels, draw circles on white construction paper and cut them out.

For decoration, you can use markers or stickers to decorate your robots in whatever way you like! To make tracks for your robots to roll along, draw several lines on a piece of paper with crayons or pencils. 

Make sure they’re not too close together—you don’t want one rolling over another! To set up the finish line, place two pieces of tape on opposite ends of where you’d like everything to go (a table works well). The first person who reaches their goal wins!

Robot Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake toppers are a fun way to dress up a cupcake. They’re also easy to make, so they’re perfect for kids.

 (and adults!) who want to create something special but don’t have much experience with crafting. 

These little robots are great for celebrating birthdays or any other occasion where you’d like to treat yourself and your friends! A robot cupcake dome can be made in any shape and size—it’s all about having fun!

Clothespin Robot

Materials. Clothespins, pipe cleaners, battery-powered clothespin for the head (optional)

Instructions, Take 3 or 4 clothespins and wrap them together with a pipe cleaner to make the body. 

Use another pipe cleaner to connect the two ends of your robot (one leg), and leave a bit of it sticking out at the bottom. Wrap a piece of tape around each end of your robot’s head so you can keep it on securely.

Easy Robot Craft for Kids

This easy robot craft for kids is simple, uses just a few materials, and can be completed in less than an hour. 

It’s also good for kids ages 5-10 who are interested in robots.

  • Materials needed
  • One piece of black construction paper
  • One piece of white construction paper or cardstock
  • Markers or crayons (optional)

Magnetic Tin Can Robots

In this activity, you’ll make a robot using a tin can and some magnets.

What You Need.

  • A tin can (such as a coffee can) with its top cut off
  • A magnet that fits in the bottom of the can with room to move around inside it (if you don’t already have one, just use another magnet from your craft box!)

Origami Paper Robot

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. Origami robots are a fun way to learn origami, and they’re perfect for kids and adults alike! 

With this robot craft you can practice your math skills as well as make a fun little present for someone.

All you need to start making your own origami robot is some basic Origami paper (available at most craft stores), scissors and glue.

Now let’s get started!

Robot Finger Puppet Craft for Kids

This is a great craft for kids who love robots! They can use paper for the head and body, yarn for the arms and legs, googly eyes for the eyes, 

a pipe cleaner for the antennae, pencils (or small sticks) to make mouths and straws to create arms.

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Paper (for head/body)
  • Yarn (for arms/legs)
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaners (for antennae)
  • Pencils or sticks (to make mouths)


Salt and Pepper Shaker Robots

For this craft, you will need a salt and pepper shaker and googly eyes. Glue the eyes on the shakers. 

Make sure they are facing in opposite directions. You can make a whole robot family with this craft!

Spaghetti and Tin Can Robot

For this robot craft, you will need.

A tin can (or a jar) and spaghetti noodles.

Scissors and tape. If you’re using a jar instead of a tin can, you won’t need scissors for this project! This robot should take about two hours to make; it is best suited for children ages 5 and up. 

You could display your robot on your desk or at other locations around the house; try placing it on top of a bookshelf or shelf where it has room to move around! 

You might also want to consider making other robots out of different materials like cardboard tubes or even wood blocks if your child wants something more sturdy than pasta noodles!

Tin Foil Robots with Googly Eyes


Tin foil

  • Googly eyes (or buttons, or anything you can find)
  • Straws (make sure they’re long enough to reach from the base of your robot head to where it will be attached to your straw arm)
  • Paper clips or other small pieces of metal that can be bent into shape (optional but recommended)
  • Small piece of paper or tape that can be used as a hand (optional but recommended) * Small piece of masking tape for use in holding hands together if you choose not to make one out of paper/tape instead. * String, yarn, stringy rope-type materials for arms and legs.

These Robots Are Easy To Make, And Kids Will Love Creating Them!

They’re also fun to play with.Kids will love making these robots for a classroom project, or as an activity at a party.

The robots don’t require many supplies, and they’re great for rainy days when you need something quick that doesn’t require electricity or batteries.

These are the perfect size for little hands—you can let your kids use them as puppets! They’ll also be great at birthday parties because they’re small enough that all of the kids can play with them together without fighting over who gets which one first.

Exciting Robotic Projects and Crafts: Engaging Activities for Kids

Engaging children in robotic projects and activities opens up a world of exploration and fun. From building and programming robots to indulging in creative crafts, there are endless possibilities to keep kids entertained and inspired.

Robot activities serve as a perfect blend of education and entertainment, fostering problem-solving skills, creativity, and an early interest in science and technology. Kids can immerse themselves in crafting their own unique robots using everyday materials,

unleashing their imaginations and honing their fine motor skills. Robotics project ideas for kids take the excitement a step further, allowing them to assemble and program robots to perform specific tasks. These engaging activities for children provide a hands-on learning experience,

promoting critical thinking, teamwork, and sparking a passion for robotics. So, let the robotic adventures begin as kids dive into these captivating activities and crafts, exploring the fascinating world of robots while having a blast.


Robot Craft for Kids is a great book for young children who are interested in learning about robotics. The book provides detailed instructions on how to build various types of robots, as well as how to program them. The projects are designed to be both fun and educational, and children will likely enjoy seeing their creations come to life.

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